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My Mom and Dad

October 23rd, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey guys,
Just landed after a 19 hour day, flying from England to Norway to St. Johns. Last night in Mildenhall, I was paged by the clerk as we were checking in with a phone call from the states. Mom and Dad were involved in a serious car crash as they drove up highway 35 on their way through Tulsa OK for a conference. I was instructed to call home ASAP as my folks were in the hospital. I called my Mother in law with 3 minutes left on my calling card. In the three minutes I had left, I found out that my wife Teresa was up there at the hospital with her father and Mom and Dad were pretty banged up. Here is the email that I got from Mary, my mother in law on the situation.
“Mary has been discharged. She is very sore and black and blue with a bruised lung.
John developed 2 very large hematomas from the cumadon (SP??) he takes. Ron said the one on his neck was the size of a football!! They were giving him meds to reverse and the meds were working…they were shrinking. He had a laceration on the back of his head which required stitches, and he has a couple of cracked vertebrae’s in his neck. They think he will be in the hospital a couple of more days.

I guess the semi hit them from behind which threw them into a tail spin and into oncoming traffic, of which 2 other vehicles then hit them. The semi fled! But some lady took down the name of the trucking company and reported it to police.:)
I think they’ll be ok. Ron and Teresa went to see the car and collected all of their belongings. They are 2 very blessed people..It wasn’t their time!
God Bless
I am blessed to say that my folks will walk away from this accident but there is another driver who may not. Please put all these people in your prayers tonight, I truly believe in the power of prayer and hopefully the other driver they hit will come out of Critical Condition.
I have to say to the world that my wife, her family, (Mother, Father and Sister and Brother/Wife) are a true blessing in my life and there is no way that I can ever repay them for the love that they show my family. They took off in a moments notice, flying up to Tulsa, renting a car and running right to the hospital to take care of my parents. For that, the loss of sleep I had last night was unjustified. I will keep you all updated on their conditions and thanks for the support. I can tell you this, call all of your family and friends that you love, tonight, and tell them that you love them, because sometimes you may never get another chance due to a freak accident!!
Semper Fi,