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U.S. Navy Water Torture Exposed!!!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 21 Comments »

Dear Gang, What I’m about to share with you could result in my being arrested or banished from the Military, but I feel that it must be brought out. The U.S. Navy endorses water torture, and has been practicing it ...

Two Amigos

Monday, September 18th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 39 Comments »

Hey Guys,If you are looking for two great guys to support and their units, then here are my picks. I'll give you some background on these two Outstanding Americans. LtCol Jim Adams was stationed with me over in Okinawa back ...

“Check Please”

Friday, September 15th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 30 Comments »

Now picture this, in a Japanese restaurant on Okinawa that is the size of a Burger King. Mind you, this is a really large place to their standards considering how expensive real-estate is there to begin with. My buddy, we’ll ...

Gone West…Mike Horrocks

Sunday, September 10th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 24 Comments »

September 11th marks the fifth anniversary of the day our lives changed. You’ll read piece after piece on what happened and how we were attacked this week. When you back up the microscope, it comes down to the individual families ...

A Hero is buried

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 20 Comments »

This is from one of my Crew. A great American who my wife and I were able to meet up in York Neb while on vacation. Her story tells the simple tale of how a hero should be taken ...

Keep on Truckin’ 10-4 GoodBuddy!!

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0 | 7 Comments »

The blinding light was directly in my eyes. Even though the tinted visor was positioned between me and the sun, it was blasting right through my retinas. The Marine KC 130 was flying along at eighteen thousand feet westbound, bucking ...