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Operation Fox and Friends

October 17th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0


Ok guys, here I sit for the sixth day in St Johns New Foundland, stuck on this beautiful island, where everyday is becoming Ground Hog day…
I did go see the movie “Man of the Year” and it’s funny because it’s a grass roots campaign to get Robin Williams elected to the big ticket, the President of the United States, a suggestion from a member of the audience. A thought occurred to me as I read the comments on my blog from the church ladies out there (oh so pure in thought and mind) and Annie from CT said “Like to see MAJ Bell and MAJ B go on the “Today Show” to promote the calendar just as the other Marines did for their calendar.
Just a thought…”

So here is the mission Church ladies and readers of the Blog…I am charging you with finding the contact for the Today show or Fox and Friends or what ever medium you know nation wide that can put Marty/Brian from, Major Pain and myself on television to promote the product and amidst the clamor of certain politicians to pull our guys out ASAP, we can talk about how you can support them etc.
Now like I did in the desert, when I wanted to get Catherine Bell (not my wife) from J.A.G. television fame out to visit us, I threw the glove out into the internet world hoping that someone would know her agent. It worked, a now dear friend of mine Betty, hooked us up and talked her awesome agent into sending us autographed headshots of the actress since she couldn’t make it.
Same deal here, forward my request or link to the SandGram out to your buddies in Hollywood or NYC and as we say in the Marines when the machine gun is on full automatic “We’ll spray and pray” hoping that it will land on the right desk. They can contact us at or or to set up a phone con for an interview…
Now the only question is, should Major Pain and I wear our Evening Mess Dress Uniforms or the Dress Blue uniforms (one with my wife)… you decide.
Semper Fi,
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