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Husband does not come with the Hat!!!

August 6th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey guys,
Marty Horn from, is holding a couple of raffles to support his site. This organization has helped out untold numbers of our Military and I owe a great debt for everything he and the supporters did for me and my Marines while deployed! Plus, it connected me with all of you out there in Cyberland!! I wouldn’t have this blog to pontificate without the help of Capt. B and Marty who I met through AnySoldier.

Captain B has donated a Flag that flew over his base and Lee Ann Womack has signed a hat and shirt as well. I am donating a Marine Corps desert digi cover that I used over in Iraq for his raffle. (yes it’s been washed and is great for wear while out in the garden or the daily walk)

After that sells, I’m going to donate a prop from one of our UAV’s that flew from TQ in Nov of last year during “Operation Steel Curtain.”

After that, I will donate one of the blades from the first stage compressor assembly of a MIG 25 that I found over in TQ. All these gifts mean a great deal to me and somewhere down the line played a big part in Iraq.

All the money will go to operating expense’s for which is very important!! I hope you all can help him out on this mission to raise some cash!! Here is the link on AnySoldier/Marine to check out the stuff. Marty should have the Boonie Cover on there soon and also a chance to win some autographed “AnySoldier” hats from Capt B and myself. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be able to support one of the greatest sites ever!!!

You may have to cut and paste this into your browser. Guys, I want to thank you ahead of time for helping Marty and the site out!! Out of all the support organizations available to our Military, this one has my sole dedication, support and backing!!
Glad you guys liked “Call a Spade a Spade” because that was a difficult piece to write and without making a novel out of it. More stories to come.
Semper Fi,
P.S. the wife (C.O.) says that the husband does not come with the hat to all of my Female fan base!!!


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  2. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 10, 2006

    “(God Bless his clueless self.)”

    Sheer poetry. 🙂

  3. By Karen I on Aug 10, 2006

    Now, I wouldn’t suggest the helmets actually be in the calendar. Just that they be used BEFOREHAND to determine if someone meets the criteria to be in the calendar. (Shame on anyone who thought I meant otherwise). Just for a little additional quality control. Now,I could be persuaded to chair this committee…..

  4. By Concerned Grunt on Aug 10, 2006

    (squawk) Mrs455 (squawk) do you copy? Just heard about your (squawk) Gerberhead from (squawk) Tony. Listen, (squawk) that’s great news (squawk) ‘n all and those ((squawk) church ladies mean well but (squawk) (screech) (SQUAWK) mRS 455 DO YA READ? Ya there, lady?? Any(squawk)way, tell yout Gerberhead, I’m (squawk) real concerned about him and (squawk) that HE NEEDS TO LAY (squawk) DOWN PERIMETER (squawk, sweet jesus it’s hot here…) FIRE if either (squawk) Karen or Bridget tries to
    (squawk) lure him in with their “special” packages. Trust me (squawk) it’s a deal with the (squawk) (SWEAT) (squawk)devil…

  5. By Bridget on Aug 11, 2006

    Awwwwwww now Grunt don’t go scaring the little fellow…we really do TREAT em all the same!
    (AnySolder way that is…honest Mrs455!)

    Why does “devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue dress on” keep going through my head? Must be karen i. ….not me… nope, nada.
    By the way welcome back Mama Taco…I never did ask for the cake recipe…but would love to have it!

  6. By Karen I. on Aug 11, 2006

    Well it’s not me either. I’ve been busy doing wholesome things in the middle of farm country.I don’t know who concerned Grunt is down there with. I only hope he knows.Mrs455, rest assured if Brian is a contact he will get decent care packages. Concerned Grunt doesn’t know because he isn’t a contact yet and he’s thinking the worst of us sweet ladies.
    Mamma Taco, I share your concern though a couple of his other posts may come back to haunt him too especially if he DOES run for office. And, he’ll be explaining this on Jay Leno for sure on the book tour.

  7. By Karen I. on Aug 11, 2006

    Though I don’t believe I sleepwalked last night (none of the troops treats between my teeth-don’t say ouch Concerned GRunt-I meant things like m&m’s and chexmix)I woke up thinking about anysoldier and the Sandgram. I believe I got the following inspiration from Samantha West’s comment in April about her computer use of now infamous picture and chatterbox’s idea to sell the picture. Here it is: We sell a desktop theme CD using the picture in various ways to get everything we need and vwala! Another fundraiser for anymarine!

  8. By Ms Behaving on Aug 11, 2006

    Oh Karen puhleeze….. you want to Chair the HOH (Helmuts without Hats) Project and you want us to believe you’ve never done deals with the Devil??? Riiiight

    Oh Oh and that great CD fundraising idea – in honor of Mama Taco and T. Bell, we can call it “Look Ma, No Hands”.

    Doin’ it for the troops…. AND for AnyS/

  9. By Ms Behaving on Aug 11, 2006

    Oh scratch that typo in last message – HOH is supposed to be Helmuts without Hands. I guess that was a freudian slip ‘cuz Helmuts without Hats would mean, uh, no Helmuts. Oh shit I better stop now – and get me to a church.

  10. By Karen I. on Aug 11, 2006

    I finally figured out whos down there with Concerned Grunt….Ms Behaving! Far be it for me to preach.I get the idea that Mamma Taco won’t go for the Look Ma no hands (cute as itis). I agree that the troops need our continued support and prayers, but do you really need to support S & M .com?At this point you and Concerned Grunt need to go to the nearest church regardless of the denomination-anything thats open or even a Bible factory outlet. And Concerned Grunt, if you can manage to get out of he## right away,when you get deployed your packages will be sent straight from the clearance table of the Bible Factory Outlet. Praying for you both….

  11. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 11, 2006

    S & You may have found the way to get the site BUNCHES more hits! Ooooooh Marty’s gonna love this one. hahahaha And I’m pretty sure church ain’t gonna help:)

  12. By mrs455 on Aug 11, 2006

    “Look Ma, No Hands”.

    HILARIOUS! I love it!

    Look at what you’ve started, Taco!

    What is there about a soldier, in or out of uniform, that just makes a girl’s heart skip a beat.

    Wanna know something scary???

    My son will have senior pics taken in a few weeks. He’s requested one with just a cowboy hat in front of him such as the infamous Bell pic. When he told me his request, I had to show him Taco’s pic! I just shook my head and said must be a Marine thing!

    With Brian’s sense of humor, he’ll fit right in with the rest of these guys.

  13. By Mama Taco on Aug 11, 2006

    You all are hilarious! Not to change the subject, however…. 🙂 I just saw something cool on the AnySoldier page that has the raffle items! Why it isn’t highlighted, I can’t figure out, but it sounds like an awesome way to raise money for AnySoldier! We all search the Internet, right? Well, we can earn money for AnySoldier by using the search engine called “Good Search”! Here’s the write up on his web site:

    What if earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Well, now we can! is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it’s powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results.

    Just go to and be sure to enter “Any Soldier” as the charity you want to support. Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! And, be sure to spread the word!

    I just checked this out, and it really works! In the box for the chirity name, I just typed “Any Soldier” and up it came!! You can add it to your tool bar also. No more Google for me, I’m sending this out to all my family and friends!!

    Now you all can go back to all your discussions for the church-going ladies, of which I am one, too!!

  14. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 11, 2006

    Thanks for the heads up MamaT. I’ll definitely be using it and passing the word.

    Mrs455, aren’t you glad your son will have the benefit of such avid supporters? He won’t know what hit him. lol BTW my niece says she wants a copy of the cowboy hat pic…..and so life as a Marine Mama begins:)

  15. By mrs455 on Aug 11, 2006

    Good grief! lol Be careful what you ask for. He’d probably send it to her!

    Don’t even get Brian started! When he and I are in the car, he’ll hit me up with the most bizarre stuff just to see what kind of reaction he’ll get…and I can’t walk away. It’s made for some very interesting road trips! Of course, I’ve managed to shock him a few times! hehehe Parental revenge is so sweet.

    I know Brian will be well taken care of. He’s got a new family now!

  16. By NancyofAnySoldier on Aug 11, 2006

    Taco, you’re doing so many great things for AS. Also, with the dedicated work of NavyMom and GunnNutt…we predict the calendar is going to be VERY successful!

  17. By Karen I. on Aug 11, 2006

    Forgive me, but I used the dogpile search engine (a collection of yahoo, google etc.) and have determined that the S& domain might be free. Since Marty of Anysoldier is such a computer wiz, if he has scruples about actually using it, he could buy it and sell it at a profit for
    Thankyou for your work on the calendar. I tried to use your blog but it said 0.

  18. By Karen I. on Aug 11, 2006

    I forgot to type Nancy for the last two sentences. Thanks again, Nancy!

  19. By Ms Behaving on Aug 11, 2006

    I NEVER said S&!!!! I was just using shorthand (from secretarial school) for Soldier/ and you had to go and turn it into something lurid, Kilo-Alpha-R-E-N. (nice going).

    Girls, please. Gunnutt asks that we Keep It Clean for Pete’s sake.

  20. By Karen I. on Aug 12, 2006

    You’re right, ANYS$ weren’t too particular) That domain is free too. I can see you made it back from church with or without the Grunt.I didn’t make it to church but I forgive you for blaming me for your lurid typos.Besides, I was just following the Major’s orders which specifically named you for starters. You better change your handle to Ain’t misbehaving.Major, Gunnutt is disobeying orders and is trying to clean up your site!(According to ain’t Ms. Behaving )

  21. By Sammy D and some of the Gone Wilds on Aug 12, 2006

    Hi everybody – Setting multiple personalities aside (only for awhile) I just want to say how great I think the ideas for AnySoldier/Marine support are that you’ve posted on this site in the past few days. I have so much pride for what we all are doing, and for the amazing efforts of Marty, his family, Nancy and all who make that organization work. Being able to meet some of you at the Milblog was truly memorable, and I feel very blessed to have found people who care so much about our troops and our fight against terrorism.

    And in these especially troubled times where we’re losing our Best and Brightest to IEDs, Israel is again in the thick of battle for its very existence, and aldushybags very nearly caused terrible air terror, it has been most therapeutic to have the comic relief of our SMOGS.

    Lastly Agnieska – PLEASE come to the 8/24 golf fundraiser in Colo Spgs. I promise you don’t have to hit any balls, but I want you there!!!

    Have a great weekend, everybody.

    “Me ‘n my alter egos” will be back in business soon. Just figured Taco might want his blog to himself for awhile 🙂

  22. By Sammy on Aug 12, 2006

    Oh Agnieska – the golf tourney is Friday 8/25, NOT 8/24

  23. By Anonymous on Aug 12, 2006

    Sammy D, I just unpacked from my planned USO trip to Afghanistan being sick of doing wholesome things in the heartland and about to break the news to cat that I was coming after all. But of course, I would’ve persuaded the pilot to go to Afghanistan instead of Iraq as to not embarrass my nephew in Iraq. I did start getting suspicious when someone referred to Ms. Behaving Again as “he” but I didn’t think a cross-dresser on Taco’s blog was a stretch (Sorry, Major)I did think that Ms. Behaving was Concerned Grunt because she used kilo-alpha etc.Well, you all really got me good. Just call me Wang the Second. Back to peeling apples….

  24. By Karen I on Aug 12, 2006

    The immediatedly previous anonymous is Wang the second -previously Karen I.(Don’t know how I got anonymous

  25. By GunnNutt on Aug 12, 2006

    This conversation is getting really confusing. Taco, post something new so we can start over again with new split-personalities!

    And you ladies and whatever, poor young Lcpl Pete is sensitive! His ideas about church ladies are being sorely tested.

  26. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 12, 2006

    GN, are saying Lcpl Pete is ummm, wimpy?

    And a cross dresser is NOT out of the question…some guys have been subjected to all those ME ‘man dresses’ ya know!

  27. By seaurchin on Aug 13, 2006

    GN, LMAO over “And you ladies and ‘whatever’….”

    Which makes me want to ask…Hey
    Sammy d, how many people you got livin’ inside you dude?? Or is it dudette????

  28. By Anonymous on Aug 13, 2006

    Just to confuse Gunnutt further … Mrs. Diva are you asking about the AnyMarine LCpl Pete or the SMOG LCpl Pete?

    (sound of high pitched maniacal laughter…)

  29. By Bridget on Aug 13, 2006

    “Who’s on First?” Getting lost in the names and genders here!

  30. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 13, 2006

    Yup. 🙂

  31. By Wang the Second on Aug 13, 2006

    Karen I. is still stewing in her brew (yes, she spent a decade of her life in Milwaukee), still mortified about not immediately picking up on the smog thing. But, she did learn alot of vocabulary…kevlar(ebay calls anything a kevlar), this type of smog, grunt, gerberhead.She has come along way from appox. 1 1/2 years ago. When asked via email, Marty Horn of anysoldier had to tell her what showershoes were…no, they were not military issue.Well, she had one last fund-raising idea she wanted me to convey. For 2008, a desktop calendar (so we get to see 365 troops properly unattired) with a contact quote and a supporter quote on each page:)

  32. By Bridget on Aug 14, 2006

    Wang the 2nd–formerly known as Karen I…

  33. By Wang the Second on Aug 14, 2006

    That’s what she told me. But, she’d still buy the calendar if there was a picture of troops and their activities on each page.She wanted to know if Mamma Taco and Mama Taco were smog personalities. She’s pretty sure Navy Wife isn’t.

  34. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 15, 2006

    OK, just to save on blushes and therapy for Wang II, Navy Wife and Mama Taco are one and the same. Great lady and she qualifies for both of those names:) Mrs. Diva and SK are one and the same, not for smogging purposes but because I’m mentally challenged and forgot to change the damn ID!! And I like “unattired”. 🙂

  35. By Wang the Second on Aug 15, 2006

    Thanks, Mrs. Diva!

  36. By LL on Aug 15, 2006

    I’ll ‘fess up. I thought Ms. Behavin’ was someone else even though I’m still not sure WHO it really is, so I used Ms. Behavin’ AGAIN to poke at who I thought was a HIM. So LL and Ms. Behavin’ Again are one and the same.

    Whew, glad I got THAT straightened out.

  37. By GunnNutt on Aug 16, 2006

    I’m still very confused, and now I’m dizzy, too.

    Lcpl Pete is VERY MUCH A MAN! I’m just not sure who I’ve been talking to on this thread… Will the real, um… you know, Grunt-Miz Behavin-LL-SK-Sammy D-Kilo alpha ren-etc. PLEASE STAND UP!

  38. By Anon E. Mouse on Aug 16, 2006

    Nuh uh. And don’t be blamin’ us for the dizzies. LOL

  39. By Bridget on Aug 16, 2006

    Hey Guys and Gals…I think guys and gals…I’m sooooo confused!!!

    Got my calendars ordered at ANYSOLDER…they are on the site now…go look and order!! Limited amount!

  40. By Mrs. Diva on Aug 16, 2006

    Thanks for the heads up Bridget! Some of the afore mentioned personalities have now ordered:) By email Marty said it’s the hottest thing they’ve ever had on the site….going FAST! WOO HOO!!

  41. By LCpl Pete on Aug 17, 2006

    Gunnutt – you’ve always been a little dizzy, hon.

  42. By Sleepwalking Wang the Second on Aug 17, 2006

    A good friend of mine has ordered her calendars,too. She likes the example but she has made peace with the fact that she will have to undress the male models with her imagination. Night! Night!

  43. By Ms Behaving on Aug 17, 2006

    Gunnutt – only Cap’t B knows for sure who’s who. He could tell ya… but then he’d have to kill ya.

  44. By Anonymous on Sep 6, 2006

    Hey Major
    I am the lucky winner of the 8 point cover. I sent you an email subject ‘Thanks for the raffled cover!’ I am looking forward to getting it in the mail soon. Though I can never find caps that fit my big head so i am sure this one won’t! ha,ha That was real nice of you to do, Thank you! I will treasure it always. I have supported the troops via Any Soldier since April 2004 – Bourland was my very first contact to support – and on his 2nd go round my 41st contact to support. I have loved doing it and have really loved corresponding with those who wrote back. Lord Bless You Major Bell! Kevin R in Virginia.

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