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Husband does not come with the Hat!!!

August 6th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey guys,
Marty Horn from, is holding a couple of raffles to support his site. This organization has helped out untold numbers of our Military and I owe a great debt for everything he and the supporters did for me and my Marines while deployed! Plus, it connected me with all of you out there in Cyberland!! I wouldn’t have this blog to pontificate without the help of Capt. B and Marty who I met through AnySoldier.

Captain B has donated a Flag that flew over his base and Lee Ann Womack has signed a hat and shirt as well. I am donating a Marine Corps desert digi cover that I used over in Iraq for his raffle. (yes it’s been washed and is great for wear while out in the garden or the daily walk)

After that sells, I’m going to donate a prop from one of our UAV’s that flew from TQ in Nov of last year during “Operation Steel Curtain.”

After that, I will donate one of the blades from the first stage compressor assembly of a MIG 25 that I found over in TQ. All these gifts mean a great deal to me and somewhere down the line played a big part in Iraq.

All the money will go to operating expense’s for which is very important!! I hope you all can help him out on this mission to raise some cash!! Here is the link on AnySoldier/Marine to check out the stuff. Marty should have the Boonie Cover on there soon and also a chance to win some autographed “AnySoldier” hats from Capt B and myself. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be able to support one of the greatest sites ever!!!

You may have to cut and paste this into your browser. Guys, I want to thank you ahead of time for helping Marty and the site out!! Out of all the support organizations available to our Military, this one has my sole dedication, support and backing!!
Glad you guys liked “Call a Spade a Spade” because that was a difficult piece to write and without making a novel out of it. More stories to come.
Semper Fi,
P.S. the wife (C.O.) says that the husband does not come with the hat to all of my Female fan base!!!