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Andrew Diabo hiding in Malaysia

August 18th, 2014 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Andrew “Andy” Diabo update.

I can’t believe it. Andrew’s wife showed up in 2013 at the Warren County NJ Farmers Fair with their son and she is back in the area again this year over in Bucks County PA and Frenchtown NJ.

Of course they are minus Andy, who according to Evelynn is still running secret covert ops over in Afghanistan for the Marine Corps and may have a few trips into Iran as well who knows.

I’m not sure if she really believes this stuff or if she is a co-conspirator in this elaborate scheme to defraud folks of their money. The evidence is there that her husband Andrew NEVER served in the Marine Corps (he’s Canadian and you have to be a citizen to be an Officer) was never a pilot in the Corps, was never wounded, never attended West Point, never received the Silver Star or Purple Heart and has never stepped foot in Iraq or Afghanistan, so how can she believe this stuff? I wonder what her parents are thinking as she continues to spew this stuff? If this was my child, I might consider one of those groups who will whisk you away to be deprogrammed.

Anyway, Andrew Diabo may be claiming to be a secret agent over there in Malaysia, working undercover for the US Gov’t.   Knowing his M.O. he might be scamming money off of relatives from the missing Malaysia 370 flight.

If any of you reading this has ties with the Gov’t over there, you might want to alert them that he is there and might be tied to illegal activities much like he was in the United States.

Folks in the NJ and PA area might want to have your guard up and consider who you are dealing with…

Good luck…

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