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Busting Military Poser’s, CASE #78 The Car Salesman

April 4th, 2014 Posted in Military

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The past four years have flown by since I was approached by Bob Massie asking if I would be interested in advertising for My Service Pride dot com (MSP).  After looking at the website and seeing what this young Sgt Matt Massie (his son) was doing, I told his dad Bob that I don’t take paid ads but would be proud to help him out anyway I could with my site.  It has been a friendship that I have cherished over the years.

One of the laughs we get is when some turd will put an order into MSP requesting some off the wall stuff.  I mean some really off the wall stuff like a kid in the candy store.  “Oh I’ll take three Silver Stars, 8 bronze Stars, 8 Purple Hearts and hell, throw the POW medal in for good measure.”

What they (Posers) don’t realize is that MSP isn’t some large autonomous company, it’s a former Marine Sergeant who knows just about everything about EVERY SINGLE award out there (I kid you not) and truly cares about the pride we have as service members along with his sister and his dad.   So when an order comes through with all these awards like the Silver Star, Matt will write back requesting documentation of the award.  If they are unable or unwilling to provide the proof, he cancels the order and refunds the money.  They slink away, to crawl into what ever hole they came out of.

A month ago, Matt sent me this one order with a note “Hey Taco, you’ll love this guy!”

He even called him up to verify the awards and said, “you know, he talks the lingo and I’m just not sure about him.” and the funniest part was when Mr. Super Marine asked “Do you think my rack will fit on a coffee mug and not look to outrageous?”


I started with the usual searches to see if he was in any of the data bases (of course not) then I sent his info to Mary and Jonn to get a feeler out to some real pro’s and then up to Quantico to see if my contact up there had some info on this living legend.  I mean, I should have been eating in a Chow hall named after this guy.

That week, after exhausting all avenues of approach to track this phantom down, I called him.  I let him tell me about how he was a POW, got all these awards and retired as a Marine Corps full Colonel after 31 years.  There was a Linkedin profile for that name listing every op that the Corps has fought in since Vietnam.  I mean this guy claimed it all.

The funny thing is as I spoke to him, I ran down each op that was on this profile (no photo though) and he confirmed Yes to them all and here they are for you to see along with all of his MOS’s down below.

About a week after that phone call, I phoned again to put him on notice to take down the Linkedin site or provide proof of service.  He said he would.  Well, he didn’t and a few days later I called him at his car dealership in NJ where he is a used car salesman.  He was actually very surprised that I had tracked him down at his work and asked “How did you find me here?” I replied “it’s called the internet you dipSh**”

Mr. Super Marine didn’t like my approach and denied all of it.  I thought that was funny since I taped the whole conversation.  Of course he threatened me with the FBI and that he knew the Stolen Valor laws and I would have a law suit on my hands blah, blah and BLAH.

Later that week, a good buddy of mine who lives about 20 minutes from the car dealership went to pay him a visit.  I wanted to know if there was a ton of Marine Corps “I love me” stuff on his walls and he was using this hero tact to sell cars.  John said, “No, just a folded American flag, that’s it.” So if he is using this to further his business sales, I don’t know.  Anyway, we put his audio up over at My Service Pride dot com and Matt even has his outrageous Rack on there too.

Anyway, it’s always fun calling these guys up like Don Shipley does and we may have some more in the future.

I hope you enjoy what Matt and Bob put together over at and if you are Military, know that we are taking care of our reputations from guys like Super Marine…




0311 Rifleman
8652 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified (NMOS) [now 0323]
8654 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified (NMOS) [now 0326]
2747 Linguist – Vietnamese
0302 Infantry Officer
8026 Parachute/Combatant Diver Officer
7208 Air Support Control Officer
2768 Linguist – Spanish
8221 Regional Affairs Officer, Latin America
8241 Foreign Area Officer, Latin America
2305 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer
2713 Linguist – Arabic (Egyptian)
2721 Linguist – Kurdish
8246 Foreign Area Officer, Southwest Asia
0284 Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Officer
2711 Linguist – Afghan Pashtu
2722 Linguist – Persian
0286 Advanced Military Source Operations Officer
2791 Linguist – Russian
0288 Military Source Operations Officer
0290 Strategic Debriefing Officer


United States Department of Defense

assigned to another agency

United States Department of Defense

Greater New York City Area

July 2009 thru Present:
Currently assigned to another agency – Greater New York City Area

July 2004 thru June 2009:
Defense Intelligence Analysis Center (DIAC) at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) in Washington, DC
Iraqi Ministry of Interior/ Intelligence and Counterterrorism Directorate – Baghdad, Iraq
Office of the Defense Attaché to the US Ambassador at:
US Embassy-Cairo, Egypt; US Embassy-Bogota, Colombia; US Embassy-Santiago, Chile

“Work relentlessly, accomplish much, and be more than you seem.”

להיות יעיל ללא רחם בעבודה, מקבלים הרבה הישגים, תמיד “להיות” יותר מאשר אחרים תופסים אותך להיות.

Soyez d’une efficacité redoutable au travail, obtenir beaucoup de réalisations, toujours «être» plus que d’autres vous perçoivent l’être.

آیا کاری که دیگران مایل به انجام آن نیست.موفقیت کارهای سخت را تکمیل کنید.تبدیل شدن به “ادامه” نسبت به افراد دیگر فکر می کنم شما هستند.

Seien Sie bei Ihrer Arbeit unerbittlich, viel erreichen, und immer “sein” mehr, als Sie zu sein scheinen.

Будьте безжалостно эффективным в работе, стремиться к достижению много, и всегда “быть” больше, чем другие воспринимают вас быть.

Ser despiadadamente eficientes en el trabajo, lograr mucho, y siempre “ser” más que otros perciben que seas.

  • Security Manager (Post Holder in GCAA UAE)


National Joint Terrorism Task Force

When thinking about successful organizations, everyone knows about the US Navy & Marine Corps FA-18 Flight Demonstration Squadron, the BLUE ANGELS – who have taken on the mantra of being “Ambassadors of Good Will.” Their decades long history (since 1946) of consistantly building upon a solid track-record of amazing successful achievement can be broken down to a four-step process:
• BELIEF LEVEL – with vision and clarity they sustain growth in a high level of belief in four areas: their PROCESSES, their PRODUCT(S), their PEOPLE, and their PURPOSE.
• BRIEFING – they’ve compiled a detailed PLAN, every part of which contains inherent FOCUS on the end result and is COMMUNICATED succinctly as possible, in clear and understandable terms.
• CONTRACTS – every member of their team has a high level of TRUST in the competencies of their fellows, is committed to the flawless EXECUTION of their assigned tasks, and holds a strong sense of COMMITMENT to their mission.
• DEBRIEFING – after every “performance” – regardless of it being a rehearsal or one of the over 70 air shows performed before millions of spectators every year – every member of the team, without regard to rank or experience level differences, acknowledges mistakes that they’ve made and clearly states the corrective actions that they will take to eliminate the possibility of repetition of those errors.
With each and every subsequent DEBRIEFING – which assesses their strengths and weaknesses, fosters discipline both individually and collectively, and instills a high level of accountability – the BELIEF LEVEL of the team members in themselves and in each other grows ever greater, liberating them to attain increasingly higher levels of competency individually and continually exceed previous expectations together as a team.
Members of the BLUE ANGELS are constantly heard saying: “I’m happy to be here.” They’re all enthusiastically committed to continuous exemplary performance of their assigned tasks.

United States Marine Corps

active duty/active reserve status 1-73 thru 6-04
Began as an enlisted Reconnaissance Marine; and, then transitioned from SSgt (E6) to 2Lt (O1) through the Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP).
Assignments included: DAO-Saigon (South Vietnam, Cambodia, and US SAG, Thailand) serving under:
Col. Nicholas M. Trapnell Jr, USMC – NOV 1973 to APR 1974
LtCol. Charles A. Barscow, USMC – NOV 1973 to JUL 1974
Col. Paul L. Siegmund, USMC – APR 1974 to FEB 1975
Col. Eugene R. Howard Jr, USMC – JAN 1975 to APR 1975
LtCol. William E. McKinstry, USMC – JUL 1974 to APR 1975

16 Dec 1973 – 23 Feb 1974 Battle of Phnom Penh
27 Apr 1974 – 2 May 1974 Battle of Svay Rieng
12 Dec 1974 – 6 Jan 1975 Battle of Phuoc Long
3 Mar 1975 – 11 Mar 1975 Battle of Ban Me Thuot
28 Mar 1975 – 30 Mar 1975 Da Nang, RVN evacuation
9 Apr 1975 – 22 Apr 1975 Xuan Loc, RVN
30 Apr 1975 OPERATION FREQUENT WIND-Saigon evacuation
15 May 1975 OPERATION MAYAGUEZ-Koh Tang Island, Cambodia
24 – 25 April 1980 OPERATION EAGLE CLAW-near Tabas, Iran
25 Oct – 15 Dec 1983 OPERATION URGENT FURY-Grenada
20 Dec 1989 – 12 Jan 1990 OPERATION JUST CAUSE-Panama
2 Aug 1990 – 28 Feb 1991 OPERATION DESERT STORM-Saudi Arabia & Iraq
9 Dec 1992 – 4 May 1993 OPERATION RESTORE HOPE-Somalia
19 Sept 1994 31 Mar 1995 OPERATION RESTORE DEMOCRACY-Haiti
24 Mar 1999 – 10 June 1999 OPERATION NOBLE ANVIL-Yugoslavia (deployed as a Forward Air Controller directing US-led NATO bombing missions, which led to the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo)
1 May 2003 – 31 Oct 2003 OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM-Afghanistan (deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism)
1 Nov 2003 – 30 Apr 2004 OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (deployed as a Senior Intelligence/Policy Advisor at Iraqi Ministry of Interior/ Intelligence and Counterterrorism Directorate – Baghdad, Iraq)
1 July 2004 – transitioned to a civilian administrative role within DoD.

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