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Stay off the Skyline: The Sixth Marine Division on Okinawa by Laura Homan Lacey

April 24th, 2013 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

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I truly believe in the oral histories of our Vets since so many are passing away daily and taking their experiences with them.  I have a pet project called “Hero’s in my Hood” where I interview the local Vets in my neighborhood and capture their experiences.

This is a very tricky thing as well, getting them to open up and there has to be a firm bond of trust between you and the Vet to make this work.  Laura has done that with the members of the 6th Marine Division who fought on the Island of Okinawa.

Their stories are beautifully captured in micro snap shots starting from where they were when the war broke out to the smallest of memories during a particular battle.  They put you right there with the young man from Iowa as he slugs it out with his buddies against the most horrific conditions you can imagine.

Each man interviewed in the book has a unique voice which she masterfully translates to paper giving you a never ending view of life as a Marine during the war.  In between interviews, Laura expands on certain operations and the behind the scenes reasons for why it occurred or the mentality of the Officers in charge.

This is another great “in the foxhole” visual from the “Snuffy’s” point of view and a book that EVERY Marine should read as part of their professional reading library.

I encourage every as well to start recording the oral histories of Vets in their neighborhood or closet relatives who have served.  It’s important and all the memories will be buried if you don’t.

Thank you Laura for putting together such a great oral history and I can’t wait to read your next book!

Semper Fi,


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