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CJ Grisham, the fight for his freedom and ours

April 17th, 2013 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

CJ Grisham, the fight for his freedom


(shot of CJ at my house during his trip to Fort Hood in conjunction with his vacation to his new duty station. Yes this is a “I love me” gun shot, we like our weapons in Texas)

CJ Grisham is a personal friend of mine and I only wish a Marine recruiter had found him first 18 ½ years ago but alas, he joined the Army and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am proud to call him brother and for his backbone to stand up to straight out abuse by a local Police Department in Temple Texas.

This case has been going on for weeks and is now being picked up by some of the National media outlets like National Review, Fox News, the Drudge Report, the Blaze and others.  It shows that even in my great state of Texas, things can go wrong when training fails and our own Police refuse to uphold the laws they are sworn to protect. It is easier to buy 5.56 ammo online these days for people that own guns.

Our Nation is so fixated on getting rid of weapons like the AR-15 instead of focusing on eliminating the real problem of mental illness that plagues us as a nation.  Instead we allow an inanimate object to be the scapegoat to all of our problems.

That is another subject, I digress as CJ’s plight has the Temple Police Department calling the Mayor asking “How much will this jack up our insurance premiums?” I mean, if the dashcam video (which they are dragging their feet on) comes out and the initial encounter matches CJ’s claim, then we have sunk to a police state much like Nazi Germany in the late 30’s of “Show me your papers now.”

Crazy huh?  Speaking of absolutely obsessed is the side note of a former Soldier who was once a great reporter in my opinion and now is fixated on CJ.  I mean to the point that he leaves hundreds of spam comments on any news source that covers CJ while posting straight up hateful and libelous falsehoods.  I truly think this will be the tipping point in terms of his loyal fan base seeing an unhealthy obsession with CJ’s case or at least they see him now for what he is and I only bring this part of the story up so if folks want to take one side or the other, they have all the facts.

I do thank Yon for giving CJ a lot of attention on his site though to help out with his fundraiser which has now topped over 20,000 dollars.  How is that for a laugh? Enough people agree with CJ’s case that they are willing to put their hard earned money where it counts the most vice a Malware infested website from Thailand.

Oh well, this person is residing in Thailand although his twitter feed still says he is located in Afghanistan.  You can read all about him here where he is exposed for the stalker he has become by “Loopy Libertarian”

(Yep, Yon, sue me because this will all be entered in the case and I will win not that you have anything worth taking.)

CJ is a lot more restrained then I am and finally wrote about it here….

All I can say is that when CJ runs for Office, I will work for him in any capacity that he desires.  You heard me right…when this Soldier runs for office and I know he will one day, I will be honored to empty his trashcans and clean the head although I would like to be his pilot…ha!!

Here are links to all the stories coming out on him and I hope you enjoy this.

Semper Fi, Taco

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