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A Band of Brothers in search of Posers

March 25th, 2013 Posted in Military

One thing that always drives me nuts (aside from the ranting comments of a former war reporter) are posers.  My wife thinks I’m nuts for putting so much time and energy into exposing folks, but to me they deserve it.  If you want to wear the uniform, well go earn it.  Take the time to attend a three month vacation and a few years of your life exploring new lows of humanity around the world.


Recently, I found a young man pretending to be a Sgt. In the Marine Corps.  I befriended him on Facebook and made snap shots of his photo’s posing as a decorated war hero.  He was exposed over on Jonn’s site, “This Ain’t hell” (one of my daily reads) and to his credit, he wrote an apology letter for his actions.  He is one of the few to do that but in this day and age but you are and will always be exposed as a poser on the internet forever.

To all the folks out there who think they will get away with it and then cry foul when exposed, I say just don’t do it.  Not worth it and with the dedicated sniffer’s out there like myself, Jonn Lilyea, Mark Seavey, Sgt. Fred Campbell, Mary Schantag, Jug Burkett, Doug Sterner, Ex-PH2 and Hondo with hundreds of other Veterans actively looking around.  Don’t be surprised when your pictures end up on on sites like “This Ain’t Hell” or  “Stolen Valor” or “Guardian of Valor” or “The Fake Warrior Project” or “Home of Heroes” or maybe Scotty’s “Stolen Valor Offenders Exposed“, who will find you and expose your fraud to the world and like an Atom, will last a lifetime.  I was remiss and almost left out the greatest SEAL buster of them all, Don Shipley who just doesn’t mess around so if you want to pretend to be a Navy SEAL, heaven help your sorry butt….

Those of us who have served one tour or 27 years like me are proud of our service and will make sure that you don’t sully the honor and dedication so many have given to this great country.

Semper Fi,


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