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Gun Control, how do I work against this?

January 6th, 2013 Posted in The SandGram v1.0…n_control.htmlJanuary 6, 2013

A recipe for activism against efforts at gun control
Lee DeCovnick

“Obama Plans Broad Gun Control” screamed the Drudge Report headline. So what actions can a responsible gun owner take to stop this legislative insanity? There are, of course, the accepted channels of communications: email and phone calls to your two Senators and the Representative from your Congressional district. Having once worked as an idealistic political intern in a legislative office, I was flabbergasted at the utter contempt that the staff and “my” legislator held for the ordinary voters of the district. Respect was only paid to the large financial donors and their minions.

Emails and phone calls may have a modest but fleeting effect on most ordinary Congressional votes. However, the Obama Gun Grab is not an ordinary vote. This legislation is a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment, personal firearm ownership, and certainly paves the way for the indefinite detention of disarmed undesirable political and religious opponents and their families.

So, what actions can a responsible gun owner take to stop this legislative insanity? First and foremost, accept that you have fears and channel that anger and outrage into a productive and effective plan to defeat this legislation. Humans have an instinctual fear / threat reaction that saved our Pleistocene ancestors on the plains of Africa. Today gun owners must not wave weapons in the air and jabber mindlessly at those who wish to disarm us.

We are still thinking citizens of this great nation, not a mob. We must act calmly and rationally. We must let our legislators know exactly what the electoral consequences of their votes will be. Period. Everything else is just the mis-allocation of American gun owner resources. Money, time and stick-to-itiveness are exactly what is needed to defeat B. H. Obama’s gun grab.

Ok here is a recipe on how each one of us can have a significant and vital effect on the upcoming Congressional vote on Gun Control.


a) A lump sum of money – $750 to $1,500 dollars (more if you can afford it) -transferred into your checking account.

b) A checkbook

c) Three stamped envelopes addressed to the NRA, JFPO, or your choice of any other pro gun organizations.

National Rifle Association of America

11250 Waples Mill Road

Fairfax, VA 22030

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JFPO)


P.O. Box 270143

Hartford, WI 53027

d) A couple of days of your time.

e) The street addresses and directions to your Congressman and Senator’s local offices. Find out if they take appointments for Constituent Services and make an appointment, well before the Congressional vote on this issue.


Dress well, be polite, do not carry any weapons including pocket knives, and show up for your Constituent Services appointment. No appointment, ask to speak to a staff member for just five minutes about your concerns regarding Obama’s gun control legislation. Some Congressional offices will ask you to wait, hoping you will just go away. Bring a book, some snacks and a truckload of patience. Ask every half hour when you can speak to a staffer. Never raise you voice or lose your cool because the staffers are trained to call security at the slightest show of anger.

When you sit down with a staffer, they will ask for you name, address and phone number. Give them this information and then show them your driver’s license proving you live in the Congressman’s district.

Tell them – calmly – in a few sentences, why you oppose the legislation. Use examples from history. Explain that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with ensuring that the people of the United States, not the government, back our 1st Amendment rights.

Then pull out you checkbook, and write a check to the NRA (or other organizations) for a third of the funds you have allocated.

Show them the check, seal it in the envelope and politely ask them to mail the check for you. Some offices will, other won’t. Don’t sweat it.

Finally, softly tell the staffer an equal amount of money will be given to the Congressman/ Senators opponent in the next election if they vote for the gun control legislation.

Thank them for their time and for listening to your concerns.

Repeat at the other two Congressional offices on your list.

That’s it. Just money, time and stick-to-itiveness are all you need to make a strong impression that will be carefully reported to the Congressman. Count on it.

Pass these instructions to all your friends who support gun ownership and want to stop gun confiscation. If tens of thousands of citizens show up at their local Congressional offices and demand that this bill be defeated, it will be defeated. It’s that simple and that hard.

I know some gun owners dislike the NRA, tough tinsel. We must stick together in this legislative effort or eventually face tyranny unarmed and unprotected. And we all know how that worked out for the Jews of Germany, the Kulaks of Ukraine, and some 60 million Chinese slaughtered by Mao and the Red Army.

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting or self-defense. It’s there to protect the individual citizen from the abusive powers of a tyrannical government.

Do the readers of American Thinker trust this, or any Administration, with the lives of our family and loved ones? Me neither.

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