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Take away all the guns NOW!!

December 17th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0


While we reflect today over the events Friday, I allowed myself to get agitated at one of my Cousins. It was more her friend, but I allowed that to push me into attack mode and for that, I’m sorry. So Candy, hope you understand. There is a problem out there, not with guns but with how we as a country raise our kids.

Before I start that me say that as we all fight each other over this issue, please remember the families who are about to bury their child, because, in the end it’s about that. As a Father my heart goes out to them all in terms of what they face from now until they pass.

There are many factors for how our children are being brought up that no one touches.  It’s too easy to blame the folks out in L.A., I mean Hollywood promotes these movies that are filled with just utter mass killings and we pay to see it. I was bored one night in my BOQ room and rented “Expendables 2” probably one of the worst films ever made.  I lost count after about 40 guys were shot, blown up and stabbed for no reason except to die.  Not even a great “Guy” movie at all.

That leads into the video games which aren’t the friendly PacMan types like we played as kids, it’s us against them, Taliban vs American’s. So we have a generation of kids playing Call to duty and watching these shoot up films.  No wonder we have it in our minds that killing is cool.  Kids sit on the sofa playing this crap for hours.

Of course this is the typical hype that folks like to throw out, shifting the blame from guns to what caused it.  Actually, I don’t think movies and video’s cause folks to go off the deep end, but it doesn’t help a kid grow into a productive citizen that’s for sure. 

This is a failure of the parents.  YES PARENTAL  FAILURE.  We try to raise our children in a manner that we think is good but face it; there are parents out there who have failed on this mission.  This could go on forever when you also break into the social and economic factors of say “GangBangers”shooting each other in the middle of Washington DC.

Guys like the shooter (I won’t ever say his name, may he burn in hell) had mental problems and maybe he had some issues that might have been identified years ago and enough to sequester is butt into the loony bin. I’d like to see him and others like him  sitting there leaking saliva from his mouth as he watches reruns of the Brady Bunch while popping pills daily to calm him.  Instead, he was 20, on the streets with some serious problems.  The Mom had a bunch of guns in her house. I doubt they were just lying around on the coffee table.  Did you ever stop to think that she might have had those weapons because she feared her crazy son? Too bad she didn’t have the chance to use them on this monster, it would have made a slight footnote in history vice the damage he did.

This is the perfect fear Storm as the fourth shooting in the last four years.  President Obama has spoken some lines about what he intends to do and something must be done…

I ask you what exactly needs to be done?

The shooter broke laws already on the books when he killed his Mother, stole her guns and her car and then took guns to a gun free zone.  What laws could change that? He was underage so it’s not like he could have bought the guns legally.  So what needs to be changed? Collect ALL THE GUNS in America?

I don’t see that working. You are just collecting the guns from responsible parties (I will concede that there are some wackjobs who own guns but the good ones outnumber them) and then when the bad guys show up to rob you, it’s bring a knife to a gun fight.

Really, think about it…DC is a gun free city.  You can’t own a gun there. Yet look at the stats of the number of shootings they have.  Same with Chicago.  Now that pisses me off in a weird way thinking of my Mentor, a highly decorated Army Colonel who lives in DC and he can only defend himself with a baseball bat against the armed gang bangers who like to rob the wealthy white guys homes.

Folks then say “why should you have high capacity magazines?  Why should American’s own an AR-15 or AK-47?” I mean, anti-gun folks really go nuts over this debate and don’t think you should have the ability to shoot that many rounds in a few minutes. The gun rights guys also froth at the mouth over the idea of taking them away too.  This is a subject that causes some heated arguments from the keyboard warriors out there.  Frankly some part of me agrees with that concept of why do we need to own an AK but that is up to the individual and it’s his right, but it’s back to the whole “where were the parents of all these shootings over the years?”

The truth is I could do more damage with a good Remington 30.06 sporting a nice scope that is semi-automatic just like an AR.  The difference is my shots would be deadly accurate unlike pulling the trigger and spraying and praying so commonly shown in the movies.

Most of the shooters are mental.  They are not Tea Party Guys, they aren’t NRA folks or Red Neck hillbilly’s from West VA, for the most part they are Mental period.  If you really want to get into politics, they were Democrats at least a few were registered ones.  And mental!  Does that mean all Democrats who are anti-gun should be tested? The fun part of me says yes when you read the trash guys like Bill Maher spew on a daily basis.

John Fund wrote a great piece on the realities of mass shootings you can read here and the facts in here will blow you away. How many of them were unstable, mental jackwagons who went on to do something evil?

(“First, the mental-health issue. A lengthy study by Mother Jones magazine found that at least 38 of the 61 mass shooters in the past three decades “displayed signs of mental health problems prior to the killings.” New York Times columnist David Brooks and Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson have both suggested that the ACLU-inspired laws that make it so difficult to intervene and identify potentially dangerous people should be loosened. “Will we address mental-health and educational-privacy laws, which instill fear of legal liability for reporting potentially violent mentally ill people to law enforcement?” asks Professor Jacobson. “I doubt it.”)

Actually, another great piece to come out is this is “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”

This article was heartbreaking but talks about what steps some parents need to do when their kids go nuts, beyond what a normal child would be like.  It’s back to the parents and making that hard choice.

Then you have Clayton Cramer who put this together…


He has pieced together facts with sources to back them.  Well worth reading if you would like to present facts to a Rabid Anti-gun freak.  They won’t read this nor will anybody else on MSN or ABC because it doesn’t fit their agenda.  The folks at “This Ain’t Hell” one of my favorite sites also put up some great reading material you need to see…

So if you are Rabid Anti-gun person, feel free to comment but I know you will just spew hatred vice intelligent conversation.  How do I know that? Well, It already happened with a hate filled Liberal named Kim Price who said a ton of nice things to me on my cousins FB page. Oh well, I’m pretty thick skinned so they roll off my back.  Then you have Jessica (named changed to protect the crazy) who had some other choice things to say like this.  It was nice of her to apologize later for that comment but still, venom, toxic venom…

  • Jessica Boldfine It’s that important to you, huh? Well. I’m glad innocent Americans can die all across the country every year to protect your right to carry a semi automatic weapon. Hope it helps you sleep, all those 6 year old souls for your precious glock.


They don’t know me or my background, which actually led to some interesting back and forth chats. To them I was just another gun loving killer who would sacrifice little kids to keep my Glock and not the Marine of 27 years who has been around weapons all his life.  So I guess you can tell where I stand on the right to own a weapon.

So I’ll end my soapbox with this…hug your kids, love them and raise them with God in their hearts and do your best.  There are many families who are still sobbing endless streams of tears over the massacre on Friday by this Mental jackwagon.  If we as parents do our duty and separate our dangerous children from the masses, maybe it would have stopped about 38 of the last sixty-one shootings over the decades in our country as well as others.  As a Nation, we need to find those values we had years ago and instill them into our kids. Give them the Character to stand up for what is right and protect others. Find a moral base again. We have lost so much but where do you go to reclaim it?




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