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God Bless you Blake Page and Merry Christmas

December 7th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

West Point Senior Blake Page, drops out this week citing Religion (or his lack of) as the reason why he had to leave.  Blake Page quit West Point and suffers from clinical depression which is probably the reason they didn’t make him serve on the enlisted side again to pay back the huge amount of money Uncle Sam spent on him.  I’m actually glad he is getting the help he needs so down the road as he ponders the meaning of life, we don’t read about him going Nuclear on his fellow Soldiers with an M-4 or harming himself like others have done who suffer from depression.  That is a real problem right now throughout our Military.

Blake as you sit there at your Grandparents house in Georgia, don’t blame religion on your departure, you are clinging to an excuse.  I ask that you own up to the fact you have some medical problems that won’t allow you to go on in a career in the Army.  Regroup, work on your depression and turn your life around.  You can do this! 

I promise you this, if you go down the route of “Oh poor me the atheist” then you will be used as a poster boy by those groups, your 15 seconds of fame will falter and soon you will be a Wikipedia footnote on failure as they dump you for the next druid from the Air Force Academy who is still in…

Get help, I mean that in a sincere way.  You have served our country and I respect that Blake…Merry Christmas and may God Bless you in the future with a great new year.

Semper Fi,


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