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Lindsey Stone-Fired and maybe laughing all the way to the bank

November 22nd, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

The sad part is now that they have fired her and her idiot friend, the company will have to pay unemployment if it’s not in their company handbook. My wife who runs a Plumbing business says that unless they go through all the proper steps (in texas) verbal warning, written warning then fired the company may be paying for this for years. They have to be told in their handbook what they expect from them. So now she may get up to 80% of what she made until she finds another job. She may be laughing all the way to the bank. That is sad. My friend Jonn over at “This Ain’t Hell” who broke this on Monday, says it best…

“So, it looks like Lindsey Stone and her photographer have been fired, according to their employer. So it looks like someone in this country has discovered that actions have consequences. I sympathize with some people who claim she shouldn’t have been fired, but that was her employers decision, all I did was post the photo – and then I went to bed. By the time I woke up in the morning and logged on to the blog, it was completely out of my hands. There were over 250 comments and tens of thousands of visitors.

My former editor at Business Insider, Robert Johnson, a veteran himself, tried to defend Lindsey yesterday;

The blind adoration of the military and its personnel is getting creepy, and I’m talking from the inside looking out. While correcting the ugly way Vietnam veterans were treated is good, the over-compensation needs to stop. Putting on a uniform doesn’t change who you are, and questioning institutions and individuals, including the military and its troops, is good and healthy.

If there had been social media in the middle 70s, and a photo like this had been taken and spread around, it would have got guffaws and applause. Probably right up through the eighties, that photo would have elicited that response. The country had lost it’s way in the late sixties. People like John Kerry were heroes. Morals didn’t exist in the popular culture. Jimmy Carter awarded the folks who ran out on their responsibilities a pardon his first day in office. There were no consequences for bad acting.

What happened to Lindsey Stone this week had nothing to do with “blind adoration of the military”, it had to do with a line being drawn in the sand of the culture war. It turns out that some Americans are tired of the “Occupy” generation. Their outrage over this picture has been building in the last several years.

OK, Lindsey wants to make it about the sign, fine, the sign was there to remind people of how they behave in civil society, if the sign wasn’t there, most Americans would still know how to act.

That “blind adoration of the military” didn’t work so well for those Marines who urinated on dead Taliban. Some of them lost their jobs over that little photographic incident. How did Lindsey feel about that? What did Robert Johnson think about that? Me, personally, I thought it was stupid that they photographed their antics, but they shouldn’t lose their jobs over it, the same way I felt about Lindsey, but their employers thought differently. And I had no input in either case. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember Robert sticking up for those Marines either.

At Huffington Post, some yuppie turd named Chez Pazienza tells veterans how we should feel about this issue because, he claims, his father was a SEAL “for Christ’s sake”. I doubt that his father as a SEAL, that’s just something yuppie turds say because they have no moral authority in a discussion. In fact if you go through the comments, all of the yuppie turds claim that they have a dog in this discussion because someone they know was in the military, not that they themselves were in the military. Thanks, guys, but you are exactly the reason that most of America drew a line in the sand. “My cousin’s neighbor’s dog collar was made by a veteran” isn’t much moral authority at all.

Now that it’s all said and done, I’d like to thank The Burn Pit, Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, Wizbang, Milblogging, The Shit Pile and Free North Carolina for recognizing that it was us who broke the story initially. And thanks to JP for sending us the link initially.

And, oh, have a Happy Thanksgiving. I have four generations of Lilyea women in my house today, so I might be a little disconnected from the blog today.”

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