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“America’s got Posers”

July 5th, 2012 Posted in Military

Hey Guys

My buddy Mark Seavey from This Ain’t Hell has put together one of the greatest contests going and I am honored to say that I get to help knock down 96 losers and shape the field for the 64 slots we have for this years greatest poser contest.  I feel like a judge on “America’s got talent” only we’ll call it, “America’s got Poser’s” or the Ultimate Loser contest.  Mark, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the honor of helping out.  Here are the links to this year’s best, please go check them out and tell me what you think…

I warn you, that you may get addicted to chasing these turds down.  Since it’s allowed by the law to Steal someone’s Honor, it’s our job to ensure that we expose them for what they really are!!!  Tell me which ones you think are the worst offenders and why. I would love your input!

Semper Fi, Taco

Albert “Sensei Dick Munch” John

Alex “Subway Sandwich Shop Commando” Popovic

Andrew “Purple Heart Plates Phony” Bryson

Andrew “7.62 done killed my cap” Santee

Ane “Bikini Special Forces” Loyola

Angel “Snagletoothed Douchasaurus” Ocasio

Anthony “The Saginaw Forrest Gump” Vanderhoof

Armando “Cabana Boy” Codoba

Asleigh “Shrapnel slit my throat” Martel

Ayush “Major in the Navy SEALs” Arora

Bill “Psychic SEAL” Brockbrader

Bob “Bolivian Field Mouse” Duft

Brandon Lee “Phony Billionaire, shops at $1 store” Price

Brian “Wounded Mind” Camacho

Brian “Pound me in the ass Prison Bitch” Culp

Brian Leonard “T-Shirts and Tattoos make you a SEAL” Creekmur

Carl John “Hero of Every Pacific Battle of WWII” Pequignot

Christopher “Buffalonian Occutard” Simmance

Dallas “Flying Assclown” Wittgenfeld

Daniel “NG phony cop” Alloway

Daron “burned my 3 year olds butt” Soard

Darrel “Infidel Sniper” Tracht

Dave “Tiger Hunter” Groves

David Garcia “Not so Trusty” Diaz Jr

David “Toys and Total asshats” Lebrun

Delroy “The only phony Coast Guard vet in History” Bowe

Derek Kent “X-acto knife Recon” Rose

Derek “Mutant Strain of GWS” Walls

Dominic “Blue Neck Gator” Gallegos

Eliut “Mitigational Fiction” Lopez-Enriquez

Fermijon “Maggots and Rice” Marrero

Gary “The man loves a parade” Spors

Graham “IVAW Ranger Brigade” Crumpner

Gregory John “Trident and trim” Schaffer

Gregory “Slats the Euro-weenie Marine” Leveau

Herbert “Cav Secret Squirrel” Williamson

Jackie Lee “What’s a forged DD214 between friends” Climer

Jacob “read my plates bitch!” Cruze

Jake “I rethunk whether I was in Astan” Dilberto

James “Jumpmaster Noflash” Bryan

James “Effects Linger” Dahan

Jason “Prison SEAL” Truitt

Jasper Land “My moustache alone is SF qualified” Holland

Jay “Occupy Chef Zombie” Polk

Joe T. “the T is for Theft by Deception” Joseph

John “Mayor/Aquatic Secret Squirrel” Spodofora

Jomathan “The Cock Inhaler” Sharkey

Jorge “Columbian Medal of Valor Recipient” Cruz

Joseph “Who wouldn’t go AWOL from Jersey” Coyle

Kasie Michelle “Warr Bunnyy” Benson

Ken “Tri-recycled 18B Wannabe” Aden

Kyle “Dunking Bird” Barwan

Larry “The Round Marine” Gugle

Larry “Cambodian Drummerboy” Marquez

Lehn Joseph “The Long Road to Stolen Valor” Bundrick

Leo “Half my Squadron Died” Webb

Lt. Taylor “Zombie Ballduster” Kent

Marc “Gunshot in Grenada” Restucci

Mark Seymour “Wookin fa nub with a falsified ID card” David

Matthew “The Tattooed Phony” Beck

Melanie Evalena “Meth made me ugly” Gutermuth

Micaiah “Marine Terrorizer of OWS” Dutt

Michael Allen “Gwinnett County Grifter” Bradshaw

Michael “8 tons of frijoles” Frisoli

Mike “The dirty Cohiba sucking Major” Kronos

Mike “Goth Special Forces” Wilson

Mike “Secret Squirrel” Zinna

Myron “Fanciful Coot” Brown

Nathan “upside down ribbons” Seal

Paul “PTSD Counselor” Schroeder

Paul “Prince Chumming” Tillson

Richard “Senator Dickenthal” Blumenthal

Richard “Gunny Recon Seal Truck driver” Lyons

Robert “Headmaster with a Dishonorable Discharge” McDowell

Robert “72 medals and a dump truck to carry them” Vaughn

Ron “Gunny Driveway” Mailahn

Ronald P. “The Jawa” Arlt

Ronnie Glenn “Wheelchair Security Guard” Eddings

Ryan “Door to door phony” Brashears

Shedrick “Homeless SEAL” Burgess

Stephen “I done faked a GED” Chase

Stephen Frank Cio “The Fourth most dangerous NDSM recipient in the world” Burrel

Terry “From a cage to Ice Cream Man” Sallada

Thomas “Colonel, Lawyer, Minister, CEO, Phony” Hughes

Thomas “Rolling Thunder Jackass” Lowry

Thomas “45 is the new 18″ Montgomery

Tiffany “Army Barbie” Ginger

Tim “Stuttering Jackass” Poe

Timothy “Durango + Delta = Douchebag” Oliver

Tony “The Pushup Machine” Trimble

Lt Mini-Bud

Father Time, now with more bling

Fatty McQuartermillion Pounder

Gunny Pinhead

Gorilla Warfare SEAL

Warren “Vietnam, Missouri” Parker


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