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Google scares the Crap out of the Military and Me…

May 23rd, 2012 Posted in Military


I came across this website that has some great stuff on it and I encourage you to put this in your weekly roundup of important reads…

One of the pieces I watched was a video with Michael Jones, Chief Technology Advocate at Google Ventures coming in and basically scaring the crap out of the Military attending.  The first three minutes is very slow, then it explodes with what Google maps has done in the last few years. A project designed so that somebody could find the guys house for a party to years later, someone building a 3d picture of OBL compound in Pakistan before we even knew he was there. The ability to spy now on us, them anyone is amazing with a program called “Field Agent.”

 I mean it truly is “SkyNet”. How the internet can turn anyone with an Iphone into a spy and what they can do with it.

It’s about 40 minutes long but WELL worth the time. Scary times
here is the link below:

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