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April 9th, 2012 Posted in Military


Hey Guys,


It’s the time again to nominate a Mil Blog for recognition for this past year.  If you are into reading Military related Blogs, do me a favor, sign up with MilBlogging through one of the links below and show your favorite writer some Love!! I am honored to have claimed this award for the Corps in the past and it’s a great privilege to be on the receiving end of it.   It only takes a few minutes fill out and you can find your choice of services/categories below.  Thanks again for your time, it means a lot to those guys who put stories to paper.

Semper Fi,


April 9, 2012
Nominations in the 2012 Milbloggies are now open. 

Nominate a blog by clicking a link below.

U.S. Military Parent – Nominations
U.S. Military Supporter – Nominations
U.S. Air Force – Nominations
U.S. Army – Nominations
U.S. Navy – Nominations
U.S. Marine Corps – Nominations
U .S. Coast Guard – Nominations
U.S. Military Veteran – Nominations
U.S. Military Spouse – Nominations
U.S. Reporter – Nominations

On Thursday, April 12, nominations will close.

Please make sure to read the rules before nominating a military blog.

More information here.

Questions? Send an email to
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Nominations Rules

  • only one nomination per blog is necessary per category.  Duplicate comments may be deleted.
  • each nomination must include a web address and title.
  • nominations must be relevant to their respective category (for example, only bloggers currently serving in the Army National Guard, Army Reserves, or Active Duty Army are eligible for the Best U.S. Army Blog category).  Nominations placed in the wrong category may not be considered.  A link to the author’s bio demonstrating eligibility in their respective category is highly recommended.  If category eligibility cannot be confirmed, the blog may not considered.
  • spam and unrelated comments may be deleted.
  • a minimum of five nominations must be placed in each category for different blogs, in order for that category to go onto to the Voting phase.  This rule may be changed due to the lower number of blogs in some categories.
  • please make sure the comment you left appears in the comments. Don’t assume.

Nomination FAQs

Q:  How do I nominate a blog for the 2012 Milbloggies?

A: Place your nomination in the Comments section for the respective category.

Q:  How are finalists selected?

A:  This year’s Milbloggies finalists will be selected from the nominees left in the Comments sections.  Up to 10 finalists will be selected.

IMPORTANT:  Rules, deadlines and awards are subject to change at any time.


Blogs that meet the criteria of a participating category are eligible for a Milbloggie nomination.  However, a blog must be nominated in the comments in order to be considered.

Blogs that are part of the official network are not eligible for the Milbloggies. blogs include but are not limited to the following properties:

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