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This week’s Poser Roundups…

April 6th, 2012 Posted in Military, The SandGram v1.0




You guys know my disdain for Posers and there are a ton of them out there recently.

The first is this incredibly fat “Master Gunnery Sgt.”  Who has every award known to man plus he’s a Navy SEAL.  I’m thinking more like a Navy ORCA!  I think his awards go from WWII up to Kuwait but from what I can tell, he skips Vietnam.  Here is “Master Guns ORCA” a Marine’s Marine…


Then we have “Gunny Death” because after 32 years in the Corps he looks like a walking Zombie. Maybe he tells folks that he was part of the 1/9 walking dead!   He has 32 years worth of service time on his sleeves, his EGA’s are backwards and I love his awards.  It looks like the first one is the Kuwait Liberation Medal and he was wounded three times there.  Yep, three times for sure, hell he has three Purple Hearts right next to each other…pretty impressive.


Then, a film maker made a short movie about PTSD using one “1st Sgt Brian Camacho” who pretends to be a Marine Recon guy with tours all over the war.  He should go to Hollywood and try out for films there because he did a fantastic job acting in this piece.  You can see the guy here.  Here is the full piece,  It was blocked from Youtube recently but it’s still here. Oscar material…

**** UPDATE****

His real name is Brian Khan and the Marine Corps Times did a great job on it’s write up.

Then we also have General “AssHat”…He has gone from Enlisted to Major General but somewhere along the line, he wasn’t able to pick up the Officer Dress Blues and just enjoys hanging out in his Old Enlisted Blues with a few modifications, like two stars, Pilot wings, Jump wings.  Really dig the EGA’s on backwards too.  A smoke, smile on his face, setting the General example… I love this guy!

Then someone asked me to check on a Marine “Colonel” in the Dallas area.  Thomas Hughes says that he’s a Lawyer, a Doctor and a Marine Colonel (pretty impressive career).  I wrote to him on FB and didn’t feel like setting the guy up with “Hey Sir how you doing, I think I worked for you” type stuff.  I looked through our Database of Marine Corps Officers and found one retired 05 LtCol who has since passed on.  I ask a retired Marine Colonel friend in Dallas, former Grunt turned JAG Lawyer after Vietnam and he practices Law in the Dallas proper about Thomas Hughes and he’s never heard of the guy.  I found Thomas Hughes on Linkedin with Marine Col in his profile there as well.



So I wrote to him, short and sweet.

Me: “Hello Mr. Hughes, my name is LtCol Bell and someone asked if I could look you up. I couldn’t find you as a retired Col in the Marines in our system.  When did you retire?”

Thomas: “Mr. Bell, I’m not Surprised”

Me: “Surprised? I’m not understanding that?”

Thomas:  “My Friend, it is what it is”  (WTH does that mean? I also hate people that call me friend and I don’t know them.)

Me: “OK Thomas, I take Stolen Valor very seriously, if you were a Marine Awesome. If you weren’t then I am asking you to remove that claim on your FB page.  I’m hoping that you don’t tell me you were a secret agent Marine not listed on the data base I have with EVERY Officer from 1946 to present.

Thomas: “I too take it very serious because it is.  I owe you no explanation nor am I going to debate this with you my friend. I suggest that you have other things that require your attention and it may be where you should direct your attentions.  This may not be where you need to go.”

Guess I was a bit too direct and couldn’t get him to bite.  He blocked me after that but I noticed he still has Col on his Linkedin profile although someone said he took the Col off his FB profile.  You’ll have to tell me and send him a Love note too…

I did find that he has a page on FB called “The American Way”  makes me wonder…the American way is to lie? I don’t know, but here is the screen that HE wrote, not me…

Guys, this is just the tip of the Poser Iceberg we are now facing.  Guys like Orca, Gunny Death, fake 1st Sgt and my mystery Col Thomas Hughes USMC from “1971 to present” are out there growing in their boldness and claims!

Never pass up a chance to challenge anyone you suspect as a poser, just like some Marines did from Terminal when they inquired about me.  They saw me in that profile picture, wearing battle rattle and an Army 05 patch on the front.  I admit, it looks a bit crazy but I just love that shot of cutting the grass all armored up.  (Actually about to leave the compound and I staged that, but told me wife the honey Do’s never end…)

It didn’t take long for me to clear up why I was wearing Army stuff (joint Army tour and no Marine stuff at Camp Eggers) along with some other “I love me shots.”  Thomas could have done the same thing but no, he likes to pretend to be a secret agent Marine thus I have posted his already public profiles and point out a future problem in his life…

Thomas if you are reading this and can provide documentation that you served as a Marine, better yet, how about when you received a commission as a Colonel in the Corps, I WILL APOLOGIZE TO YOU. Otherwise you are now on my SH** list and will be treated as such by others until you apologize or prove you are a Marine because I think you will be receiving a lot of questions from other Marines out there.  Now since you have spent a few minutes here, go check out This Ain’t Hell, they have an almost daily roll call for these posers that pop up with great Op-Ed pieces on them!!

Semper Fi,  Taco

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