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Michael Yon, Sad, Sad Man

March 13th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Michael Yon, shame on you. You are going out of your way to slander this Soldier, CJ Grisham, with your nonsense. I sure wish you would come back to the US,  if only so you could get what you deserve from a process server.  I understand that you really don’t have enough money to sue but if it meant that you had to eat left over beef pad thai the rest of your life then I’m all for it.

I am sure that your readers are enjoying reading all your posts from Thailand and know that you haven’t stepped inside of Afghanistan in awhile.  I’m sure they realize that you delete all posts or comments from your facebook page if it’s not in line with your thoughts.  Sad really.  Yes you are a sad, sad man!!!

To all of his fans out there.  If you think I’m full of crap, go leave a negative comment on either his website or facebook page and see how fast you get banned and deleted.  Yep, I call that fair.  Look at some of these from a screen shot and go back to see how many are still there. Point taken.   The comment I love the most is the last one where she says basically, you are talking about a man going nuts when he hasn’t.  He’s been in combat as a member of our Military unlike you.  He hasn’t killed anyone who wasn’t shooting at him, how about you? Oh yeah,  you have…in a bar fight.  Funny how that works. Mark over at This Ain’t Hell really did a great job talking about this…so go check it out.


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