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Hollywood just died this week…

February 28th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hollywood just died this week…

 Can you imagine the Monday morning studio meeting that just occurred? Everyone in the room, sitting around reading the tallies of their efforts only to find out that a low budget, Pro- American, Pro-Military movie about the Navy SEALs  just took in almost 25 Million dollars the first three days over the weekend?  I mean, it smashed the competition and only cost like 12 million to make.  

I would say that in the real world, they might have been fired for passing on that film but it’s Hollywood where they hate everything American.  So, now instead of coming up with new ideas for films, based off of the success of this SEAL movie they are pitching all sorts of winners… like “Hey, let’s do a remake of the Charlie Sheen Navy SEAL movie and we’ll put him in there as the Commanding Officer and make his Dad the Secretary of Defense.  They could hunt and track down some whacked out Tea Party gang that wants to stop President Obama from getting elected.”  The room is going nuts but before the inks dries on that pitch, they are trying to round up Tony Scott to make the new Kill Osama Bin Laden film.  “Gents, we need to be sensitive to the Muslim’s out there so lets make Osama the repressed hero, maybe throw some scenes of OBL playing with his kids when all of a sudden, these Navy SEALS fast rope on his roof like Santa Claus, bust in his door and kill him as he is acting as a shield to protect his wife and kids.” A loud chorus of cheers as they proclaim that an instant Oscar winner!! 

That is the sad reality of life.  It’s not about making a film with content that has a great story line; it’s about making insane big budget films with the same incestuous narrow like minded idiots who then parade on the red carpet checking each other out.   Muslims, not to be touched, make them aliens or something and bitch at the Pentagon because your movie “Battle for Haditha” looked like crap and message was loud and clear.  We, the military are the bad guys.  If you are making these for the Taliban, great job!! Don’t go crying on my shoulder when it fails here in America. (oh by the way, none of them were convicted of that Haditha incident.)

Guys like Gary Sinese are far and few out there who put their beliefs in front of their career.  He is a guy who truly cares for the troops!!  It use to be that any of the A star actors in Hollywood were former Military.  I mean, Tyron Powers…A Marine pilot, Gene Hackman…A Marine, Jimmy Stewart…Army Air Corps/US Air Force pilot, Lee Marvin…US Marine, George C. Scott…Marines, Clint Eastwood…Army, Elvis…Army and the list goes on. 

Do you see a trend here?  Can you name one present day actor who has served?  I can only tell you the name of one…Rob Riggle who is still a LtCol in the Marine Reserves.  One out of how many thousands of folks who work in the business, I can only find one vet??? 

I’m not talking about the old guys like Harvey Keitel (Marine btw) but anyone in the business in the last 25 years.  Folks that make a ton of cash playing the everyday person doing their job who has served just one tour? 

It’s sad really.  Because being in the Military isn’t patriotic, it’s pathetic in their minds otherwise the culture out there would promote their young to join up.  No instead they raise narrow minded American’s like Dax Shepard who compared Act of Valor to a Nazi propaganda film.  My buddy McQ at Blackfive had this to say as well about this D list actor…

On the other side of the paid movie critics on the studio payroll, you get a review of the movie from Kurt Schlichter who paints the truth for the executives out there so they might understand how this movie has skyrocketed past their garbage 

So guess what Hollywood?  I am part of the 1% of the nation…the one fricking percent who has volunteered to serve our nation.  But there are many like me (millions) who have served, or the spouses of someone who has served.  They are the customers, not your left wing occupy the crack of my ass agenda minded retards.  They are Americans who know who the enemy truly is, what we are fighting about and know guys and gals in the uniform.  

Figure this out and you will have movies that stay in the theater more then two weeks.  Films that everyone wants to own and watch again and again.  All guys in the Military aren’t built like Arnold, we have families and deal with traumatic things going on at home too.  We are normal looking and you don’t have to cast Brad Pitt to play me, more like that dumpy kid…no never mind just use me.  

Good luck and I look forward to bypassing the next 20 imitation SEAL movies you come up with to try and cash in on the real deal.  Also any crap right before the election that involves two hours of President Obama’s raid and five minutes of the SEALs “murdering” Osama. Pretty sure everyone else will figure that one out too and it will go straight to video.  I will attend anything that Mike and Chris make that deals with us, they have our trust now.

Semper Fi,


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