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The Party is over

February 25th, 2012 Posted in Military

The Party is over










I have to say that I truly believe this party in Afghanistan is officially over.  The latest attack, murdering two mentors at MOI, a Major and an Air Force Lt Colonel along with two Soldiers last week is beyond what is expected of our troops over there.  I was always leery of the Afghans I worked with, but I never expected one of them to put an AK-47 to the back of my head and pull the trigger as I was walking down the halls of their “Pentagon” so to speak.

Let’s face reality.  How much money have we dumped into that crap hole of a country to keep it afloat?  Billions, every month with a Capital B!!  How much money have they (Ministers/Generals) stolen from us and siphoned every week to their private bank accounts in Dubai? Untold Millions each, that’s how much.  Am I making this up? Not a chance and in ’09 I met the FBI task force that was finally assembled and sent over there to track funds.  Day late dollar short in my mind but glad they are doing it.

When we first attacked Afghanistan, it meant something.  It was home to the Taliban and AQ, also the base for Osama Bin Laden.  We routed the Taliban out of there back to Pakistan(another Ally we give BILLIONS to) so from my point of view we should have quit while we were ahead.

Then we made a left turn and went into Iraq.  Looking back, I’m thinking a poor choice of policy but we did it just the same.  I went there for a tour, witnessed for myself the death and dismemberment that our boys went through as we began the new phase of US diplomacy, Nation Rebuilding.

I have to say that it seemed we were in a war against Islam.  You can call the bad guys “Insurgents” or “Radical Muslims” but the bottom line is they were fighting for a belief based on a religion.  Doesn’t that sound like a war against Islam?  The part no one seems to understand is that they can turn on you in a second based off of what the Imam tells them to do.

So back to Afghanistan, we burn a bunch of old books, containing some Korans that the prisoners at the BTIF used to pass notes back and forth to.  They weren’t flushing them down a toilet or disrespecting them in numerous ways that could be done. They were already defaced by the prisoners.  The locals, who are most likely 98% illiterate, saw the Korans being burned and went nuts.  We burn our Flag that way, it’s the proper way of respect  if you look it up. (I don’t get many hits from the Kabul because they can’t read I guess)

We began the bowing motions of how sorry we were about this whole thing . I don’t think they went nuts like this over the Five Marines giving the dead Taliwackers a golden shower did they?  Once again it’s all about religion or what they perceive as Religion.  I see all that bowing had a big effect on these retards, they shot another two of our Soldiers point blank and I don’t hear our President demanding satisfaction over this.  (Makes you think we care more about books then our own)

Who can you trust?  One day they are your buds, the next day they are shooting you in the back or killing their fellow soldiers at Fort Hood.  I forget, was Nidal Hasan Catholic? He must have been because no peace loving Muslim would do that to their fellow Soldiers right?  just another work place shooting minus his cries of “Allah Akbar.”  Now you can throw Tim McVeigh back in my face and I will accept the fact that he was a non Muslim terrorist, the problem is that he was about the only one.  All the other cases of attacks (Blue on Blue) as we call them, are mostly Muslims (either US or otherwise) against their fellow Soldiers.

I know we have to be sensitive to their needs but maybe it’s time to pull out ASAP and say screw their feelings.  They have had ten years to work out it.  Let them make a go at it.  You know what will happen the minute we leave right? President Karzai, his family and all of his Ministers will be on every seat out of Kabul International for that direct flight to Dubai.  I’m talking faster then the fall of Saigon, those puppets without the backing of the US and what ISAF partners we have left will flee that hole.   The Marines will be busy guarding that nice big Embassy there alone and unafraid.  Mark my words.  It will happen… and know that a book is worth more then your life so be careful over there!!



PS.  President Obama, it wasn’t a tragic killing of two US Service members …it was outright Murder.  Where is the tragedy in that? I’m sorry Ma’am, your husband is dead because of a tragic misunderstanding over the burning of books that while it means an awful lot to them they can’t read it.  Just glad my wife didn’t have to endure that call.

Readout of the President’s Call with General Allen


This afternoon, President Obama called General John Allen, Commander of U.S. Forces and the NATO International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, to discuss the ongoing violence in Afghanistan and the tragic killing of two U.S. servicemembers this morning. On behalf of the American people, the President expressed his condolences to General Allen and to the families who lost loved ones. The President thanked General Allen for all of the measures he is taking to protect our servicemembers and civilians in Afghanistan and to encourage calm. We welcome President Karzai’s statement this morning encouraging peaceful expressions, and his call for dialogue and calm. The United States remains committed to a partnership with the government and people of Afghanistan, as we work to realize our shared goal of disrupting, dismantling and defeating al Qaeda and strengthening the Afghan state.



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