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Staff Job in the Stans.

February 20th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

All, this comes from my buddy, Mr. Wolf and we are trying to get this info out to some of our vets who have experience over in the Stans and want this staff job…

I have a job posting I’d like to get out there as far as possible.  Again, trying to help vets get some good paying jobs.

This on is in Afghanistan, but its for a GREAT company, bennies are good, and the salary is incredible (way over 100k).  The stint can be as short as 6mo, as long as a year; others can be negotiated. 

Here is the job descrip:

A Strategic Communications Planner is needed in Afghanistan to assist USFOR-A elements in planning operations.  Those with a joint background in Info Ops, PSYOP, Public Diplomacy, Commercial Marketing or Influence Modeling are highly desired.  The job requires USFOR-A staff integration and synchronization with the position, and developing the information flow as it relates to PMESI or DIME as well as tribal issues in the AOR.  The individual should have experience with and knowledge of strategic messaging processes and planning.  Experience with Military Police or IO is highly desired.  They should also be highly familiar with the GIRoA and the mission areas.  Minimum requirements are a SECRET or TOP SECRET security clearance, 5 years of experience, and excellent written and oral communication abilities; experience making reports and briefing General Officers and developing products to that level are required.

If you have questions, and would like to submit a resume’, please do so to as soon as possible. 

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