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Another Marine Poser POS bites the dust…

February 11th, 2012 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Another one…. This poser decides to show up at a Marine Recruiting Station in NY.  I mean, if you are going to pretend to be a Marine, go hang out with the Army, we are Greek to them and vice versa.  Hanging out with Marines who know the order of ribbons on your chest and something about OCS and have worked around Marine Officers enough to smell a phony is never going to end well.  I don’t have this posers name yet, but it’s only a matter of days and I’ll follow up on him.  In this case he was arrested by the local PD before he was able to do something that could hurt the Corps like abducting a High School Student or something weird… Feel free to leave a comment on this so when he gets out of jail and googles this, he’ll know how real Vets and American’s feel about Stolen Valor!!


His real name is Jorge Emilio Bermudez.  He was was hanging out talking to the Staff in the RSS when the XO came in for a promotion ceremony.  After the XO started asking him questions (It takes about 3 questions to drill down to spot a poser) Jorge fled the RSS.  The XO and one of the Marines followed him out while making a call to the police.  The PD showed up in about five minutes and arrested ole Jorge while the real Marines detained him.  He had a fake DOD ID card which I’ve seen and a pretty good copy I might add but it has no place on the web for others to duplicate so no picture.  The uniform was spot on except for the ribbons and a good to go DOD  Military ID until you held it, which makes this a dangerous combination.  This has far reaching implications for home grown terrorist attempting to breach a base or a wack job trying to pick up a gal to rape.  Hat’s off to the XO for snagging this poser/threat and getting him off the streets.  The State is going to charge him with a Felony for possession of a fake DOD ID. I hope he gets jail time and I for one will fly up to enjoy his trial… 

This pretend Captain showed up in Uniform to hang out at the local RS, I mean A fleet Marine on leave wearing his Dress Blue Charlie’s and hanging out
at the RSS?? How many times have you gone on leave, put your uniform on and went to “hang out” at a recruiting station, one that you weren’t even
recruited from?

Part of this is from the letter sent out from the Command, part my take…

The Turd claimed he is a member of some shady unit; in this case he was a cryptologist who works at the NSA in Washington DC.  (they always claim to be part of some secret unit.  As soon as someone says it’s Classified, red lights should be going off in your head)

There is something off about how the person carries himself. 

He refused to show his military ID, said he lost it. (This guy had an obviously fake military ID)

Once he took of his tanker jacket, he was wearing a scuba bubble, jump wings multiple awards, NAM with 2 stars, CAR, and others out of order.  (Usually they try to give themselves more bling.  His set up is not out of line for a Captain/03 rank which would let him blend in more.)

This last part from the XO is the take away all Military should heed no matter what branch or where you are!! Civilians, if you have doubt then there is no doubt, have the person checked out…

Marines, there is no one better prepared to identify an impersonator other than us. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for ID, no matter what
rank. If you catch someone who you think is an impersonator, call the cops, take pictures Again, be vigilant…

Semper Fi,


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