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Occupy the crack of my rear… OWS guys crack me up

November 23rd, 2011 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

I don’t understand this whole occupy wallstreet (OWS) movement and it sparked a lively debate amongst from friends of mine who are more liberal then I am.  Yes, I have lots of friends that span the entire spectrum from super conservative to ultra liberal, black, white, red, gay, straight, It doesn’t matter.  Friends are friends which sometimes makes for interesting dialogs on different subjects.


My wife says that I’m an agitator and like to poke fun at folks to get the conversation doing and yes, I admit to being ornery sometimes.  So, our boys over in Afghanistan posted this picture that said “Occupy Baghram” which I thought was pretty funny.  My more liberal friends then tried to impress upon me how many of them are Vets and now homeless.  While I know this is a true statement and there are lots of my fellow Marines or Soldiers out there who are hurting for work or burdened with the results of injuries suffered in the war, I also think most of these guys/gals protesting are part of the “feel good” generation where everyone is a winner.  If you are in debt for 100K for that piece of paper that says “BA in political Science” and wonder why you don’t have a job, well guess you realize that sometimes experience and hard work trumps an expensive education any day.


Well, here is a great picture that will make you giggle if you think about “Occupy this craphole and then complain” and this video from Bill Whittle at Afterburner that is very telling and pisses off about anyone who has one ounce of liberalism in their system.


Also, here is a “Combat Vet” who represents the OWS movement…guess Christopher M. Simmance really isn’t a Vet from the war and good on the News for doing some background checks on this cat…I’m tired of Poser’s saying they are wounded Vets and half of them never even served a day in their life.  But then again It’s funny to me how these types seem to flock to the Democratic party and these movements…

Semper Fi, Taco


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