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Will Nobody

June 4th, 2011 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

I asked what Memorial Day meant to folks and I received some awesome replies. I have to say that after some debate, “Will Nobody” really put a thought provoking statement up.

I’m nobody; I served as a Marine in Vietnam, but I didn’t do anything special. But I knew a man who did. He died this year, at age 98. A lot of his friends died a lot younger, in nowhere places with names like Tarawa, Guadalcanal, and Saipan. The government gave him a Navy Cross for doing “nothing” on Tarawa. I know it was nothing, because when you’d ask him, that’s what he’d tell you. And also that most of the “real” heroes didn’t come back; or didn’t come back ever the same. His name was Walt Fieguth; and he was my friend… and a real life hero. And in his honor, and with the greatest of respect, on Memorial Day… I’ll be doing “nothing”… Nobody

I really appreciate those of you who took the time to write something and post it here. It means a lot to me. Parker has been one of my oldest and closest friends who endured me in H.S., College and the Marines. Bridget and her Mom, plus Sammy D and Diane, some of our biggest supporters who take care of our guys while deployed with boxes of cookies and goodies Mike at Thor’s Hall, along with AW1 Tim and Joe for their great comments and blogs.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Steel Jaw Scribe who put together a moving piece on You Tube if you have a chance to see this. Thanks again guys!!

Semper Fi,