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Afghanistan Koran Burning Protests

April 4th, 2011 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Afghanistan Koran Burning Protests

 Guess what? A mentally unstable “Pastor” of hate in Florida has incited unrest over in Afghanistan again.  Is he within he rights to burn the Quran? Yes. Is this an example of total ignorance?  Yes.  But on the other hand, is he allowed to do this? Yes he is and like the wackjobs over at Westboro Baptist church who protest the funerals of our fallen hero’s, it’s covered under our laws unless Reid and Graham can change our freedoms.  So guess what world, go pound sand! Muslims in the US are allowed to burn the Bible, Flag, dress up as Military hero’s with medals they didn’t earn (they haven’t done the last one, those are usually white men with mental problems) because we are America.

 Now on the flip side, look at the riots happening over in Afghanistan.  The Afghans as a whole are ignorant, uneducated, tribal, Quran following minions who don’t own a T.V. set, have no running water in their houses and use the open field next to their mudhut as a bathroom.  They have been this way for thousand of years and like it or they would have progressed further down the road then they are now.  I ask you this, how do they know about some no name preacher in Florida, burning a Quran? How do people without the ability to read, no electricity to watch television or access the internet know what is going on in America?  Actually you need to ask this, who is feeding them their information and getting them all fired up? The Imans.  The folks who control the masses there.  The same guys who tell young men to blow themselves up and get 72 virgins. 

 Inciting the masses has been a tool utilized by all Governments or leaders to fight their enemies throughout time.  In the US, we rallied against Mexico with “Remember the Alamo” and got into World War One with the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, or “Pearl Habor” and our fight against the Japanese.  In fact, words were used by our Commanders to provoke our troops to fight the yellow Peril. (Hats off to Chuck for this photo from WWII)

 Could you imagine that sign saying “Kill Hadjis, Kill Hadjis” with our Commanders name at the top? Not in our politically correct world would you ever dream of that.  We are culturally sensitive to the people we kill now days as not to offend the future Jihadist over there or so we hope.

 Back to us American’s.  We were hateful of the Japanese for years and my Grandfather who fought against them in the Pacific about disowned me when I bought a Mazda for my first car.  Now 65 years later, their country has been a faithful friend who has suffered a horrible loss and we are there for them during their time of need.  I have to wonder if we will have the same relationship with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Saudi and all the other Muslim countries in the future.  I’m thinking not until their leadership (both political and religious) begin turning around the attitudes of the masses there.  Until that time, they will hate us, our way of life and fight us to their dying breath.

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