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A Marine Needs help

February 18th, 2011 Posted in The SandGram v1.0
UPDATE: Patti just posted the following update on Facebook:

GREAT news about the Marine whose house burned down. Per 1st Sgt.
Mangrum, there is no more need for donations as the family is
literally BURIED in supplies! They have gotten more than enough cash,
clothing, household goods, furniture, and other appliances. Thank you
to everyone for your generosity and for pitching in to help this
Marine family when they needed it most!!

No need to send anything else.  Thanks to all who could help out!

Cassy Fiano is sending this around (you may have already gotten it):
I’m hoping you’ll help me get the word out about this Marine.  I know you
already know this, but my husband is a Marine and we’re stationed at
Camp Lejeune.  He’s currently deployed to Afghanistan and I am 8 months
pregnant with our first.

I mention this just because I feel like what has happened to this Marine
could very well happen to us as well.  I would hope that if it did,
someone would reach out to help me and my family the way I am reaching out
to them.

A Lejeune Marine, a Lance Corporal, returned home from Afghanistan on
Saturday with 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines.  On Monday he cooked breakfast
for his wife, and his house burned down.  He was able to get is wife and
his 20-month-old daughter out of the house safely, but they lost
everything.  The house burned to the ground and they literally lost
everything they owned.  I’m trying to get the word out to help raise money
and goods for this family.  I’ve posted about this on my blog and at the
Green Room, but the more people who know about this family and the help
they need, the better.

I just would hate to think that a Marine could come home from fighting for
his country in Afghanistan to a disaster like this, only to have his
country fail to support him when he needed it most.  Please help get the
word out.  It would mean a lot to not only the family, but to me and the
Camp Lejeune community in general.


Cassy Fiano