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Warning**U.S. Naval Veterans Association** Bogus

October 19th, 2010 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Help me find Tim Allen’s extra from “The Santa Claus” and put a BOLO out for him…


Ok, you all know how I feel about posers, so here is your chance to round up a real turd.  There is a guy out there using the name of “Bobby” Thompson who started up a charity called “United States Navy Veterans Association” and a Political Action Committee titled “NAVPAC” based out of Tampa Florida.

This guy calls himself “Bobby” Charles Thompson or “Commander Thompson” and it is one of the alias he uses.  Of course this name was stolen from some poor guy in Washington State, but this guy takes the prize by stealing the identity of a real disabled Vet named Ronnie D. Brittain from New Mexico.  Mr. Brittain, who served 11 years in the Army was notified that his identity was compromised by this guy.  So we have two names but no one really knows who this guy truly is or what his real name is.  He looks like the Fat Santa Tim Allen played in the movie “The Santa Claus” but is sporting a really bad Chuck Norris beard and hairdo.

“Thompson” had set up shop in Tampa Fl in a very upscale Ybor City duplex where he wrote checks to different political races for over $200K.  The Association claimed over 66,000 members with offices in 41 states with 85 officers.  They were only able to positively identify one officer and that was him. 

When question about his Naval service surfaced, “Thompson” claimed that he had taken the I.D. from another guy so that he could enlist while being under-aged.  When the police were closing in on him, he packed up and disappeared.  Unfortunately for him, the internet has a collection of dedicated Milbloggers who hate these posers as much as I do and this will make it very hard for him to hide.

Once again, a poser pretending to be a military veteran has bilked millions of dollars from unknowing patriots who thought they were doing the right thing to help out our men and women need.  So on behalf of Richard Cordray, the Ohio Attorney General, please post these pictures of “Thompson” on the net and let’s see if we can help the police capture this “Turd.” Who knows, score one for the good guys!!

Semper Fi,


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