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VFW: Better know who you support.

October 11th, 2010 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

VFW: Better know who you support.

 I have a friend in N.C. who I served with back at Cherry Point and then over in Iraq named “Spook.”  He is incredibly smart like the character in the TV show and I value his opinion greatly.  Spook wrote me the other day to convey his dismay over the huge faux pas the VFW has committed with it’s PAC ( and their endorsement of folks like Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid and Ron Klein who is running against my hero LTC Allen West. 

 There have been numerous posts about this over at Blackfive and This ain’t Hell giving you a great insight into how VETS truly feel about what is going on. If you have a minute, please read them.
Another Blackfive post:
ThisAin’tHell blog post:

 Back to LTC West, Spook worked with him and here is what he had to say about this OUTSTANDING OFFICER:

 “I had the opportunity to work pretty closely with Al West when he was the Force Fires Officer
for II MEF back in the 2001/2002 timeframe.  My impression then was that he was an outstanding officer, truly one of the Army’s best. Watching him in politics now, I can assure you he is the “real deal.” 

 So the leadership of the VFW better wake up when they are supporting the likes of Klein over a proven combat leader who “oh by the way” is also a member of the VFW.  This will have severe repercussions for them as they try recruit new members. I can tell you that my money will not go to the VFW and I’m also close to leaving the NRA for the exact same reasons. The VFW came out with a letter saying they will bring it up next convention, but I’m sorry, that is too little too late.

 That being said, go read Blackfive and This Ain’t Hell, they are friends with some great insights.  Spook, thanks for your letter, you are a great friend.

Semper Fi,


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