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John Rodiguez busted and in the big house

October 6th, 2010 Posted in Military, The SandGram v1.0

Lately it seems that the Stolen Valor (SV) law has produced a series of lame cases in which the accused has been let off with a slap on the wrist. This insults the dignity of most true service members I know and to add insult to injury, a judge recently over turned a verdict saying this turd in Colorado had the right to make his claims under the 1st amendment.

Yesterday, a judge in Phoenix handed out a 7 ½ year sentence to John W. Rodiguez for impersonating a Marine and trying to scheme money out of folks. If I ever meet this judge, I’d like to buy him a few beers. Rodiguez was found guilty of 12 counts ranging from SV to fraud as he tried to parley his con into money or benefits.

1. Count 1: Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (TriWest Healthcare Alliance – 01/26/2005), Guilty

Count 2: Forgery (TriWest Healthcare Alliance Application – 01/06/2005), Guilty

Count 3: Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (Department of Defense Office Personnel Management – 04/07/2005), Guilty

Count 4: Forgery (Department of Defense Office Personnel Management Public Trust Position Application – 04/07/2005), Guilty

Count 5: Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (Maricopa County Republican Committee – 01/19/2008), Guilty

Count 6: Forgery (Maricopa County Official Write in Candidate Nomination Paper and Affidavit of Qualification – 01/19/2008), Guilty

Count 7: Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (Arizona Department of Transportation – Motor Vehicle Division – 01/26/2008), Guilty

Count 8: Forgery (Arizona State Identification Card Application – 03/26/2008), Guilty

Count 9: Fraudulent Schemes and Practices (Arizona State Identification Card Application – 03/26/2008), Guilty

Count 10: Presentment of a False Instrument for Filing (Arizona State Identification Card Application – 03/26/2008), Guilty

Count 11: Fraudulent Schemes and Practices (Request to Quash Warrant – Submitted to Maricopa County Superior Court – 11/17/2008),Guilty

Count 12: Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices (Southwest Airlines – Between 05/26/2009 and 06/10/2009), Guilty

I see more and more of these cases hitting the radar as the war in the Middle East continues. Once again, they detract from the guys and gals who truly are in need of treatment and help. Last weekend, a good friend of mine who served with me in ’08 over in Kabul, flew up to see me from San Antonio for a visit. He was hit by an IED five months ago during convoy ops and is currently undergoing experimental treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that involves a pressure chamber.

These posers out there want to dress up like a Marine or Soldier, so when they are caught, I say don’t put them in jail. Send them over to Afghanistan and let them clear the roads with a garden spade and weed hoe looking for IED’s. Have them truly earn the right to wear that uniform and incur all the dangers associated with being in the military.

I have no sympathy for any of these turds and will drop whatever I’m doing to help expose them to the public for the frauds they are with no regrets. If you decide you want to one of us, don’t pretend, just email me so I can put you in touch with a recruiter. If you want to the other route and pretend, then don’t be surprised if I start digging into your Sh** and your photo shows up on my webpage.

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