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Andrew Diabo, where are you Poser???

April 28th, 2010 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Here is a great video that Mr. GreyHawk from the Mudville Gazette put together for me and is on Youtube (I really owe you now brother!!).  Andrew the Poser, is hiding up in Canada somewhere and the folks there should be aware of Diabo and also to keep their wallets in check if he starts begging for money claiming war wounds.

Also the Phillyburbs put out a great piece on Diabo here.  They have taken some heat on him I think and to be fair, Diabo is a skilled actor who could pass muster on anyone without experience in the Military.  Marty even told me that Diabo would stay away from anyone who had past service.  I hate to think that Vets will have to start carrying around their DD 214’s, but for the media, it may come to that so that they are suckered by these posers.

Semper Fi,


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