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Another Marine Poser bites the dust…

November 14th, 2009 Posted in The SandGram v1.0


Dear Gang,

It still amazes me that there are guys out there who steal the honor of being a serviceman in this day and age of the internet.  Instead of being page three news in the local section of the county paper, articles of interest are sent around the world at lightning speed.  The old adage that an email has the half-life of an Adam (goes as fast as one and will not go away) is so true in the fact that whatever you write is gospel now and a part of your internet record.  So for four years, this guy David Weber from Ramona CA has been telling everyone he has come in contact that he was a retired two star General in the Marines with a colorful 35 year career in special clandestine ops around the world…

Guess what folks, he was invited to a special Memorial Day event at the VFW and gave an interview to the local reporter.  This went to the email accounts of a couple thousand subscribers of a former Marine in DC who looked at the content of the article, his exploits and what Weber claimed.  Hell, you would think this guy was wearing a big “S” on the front of his tee-shirt under that uniform.  It caused the red flags to go up and spawned action fast.


Calls were made, questions asked, references for all retired General Officers researched and no mention of this guy was found.  So the Marine Corps Inspector Generals office called Weber up and told him to never wear the uniform again but I have a feeling that this turd will have bigger problems now.  Because of the Stolen Valor act of 2005, he may be facing a large fine and prison time if convicted (and the FBI has been notified).  I for one really don’t have a problem with this as it pisses me off just sitting here typing up a post to alert you all of another poser busted.  When are folks going to realize that the Marine Corps is super small and if you are going to be a poser…pretend that you were in the Army where they have tons of guys and you might get away with it.  On the other side of the coin, I guess you can say that he was only imitating the BEST right??? 

As a Marine, I view with great concern, the proliferation of these imposters posing as our service members.  Some have been hiding out right in your own back yard for years, undetected in their lies.  In many cases the neighbors may rally to help out this person, only to find out that they were scammed out of time or money.  This frustrates me because we have many men and women, all real vets, who in the course of their job have been wounded or suffer from PTSD.  When the time comes to help these TRUE vets, will the local community still rally around to help out?  I can only pray that the answer is yes!


Semper Fi,


Wait, it’s not over…Another TURD is exposed when he showed up at his H.S. Class reunion as a LtCol in the Marines with wild exploits from the War.  A classmate of Steven Burton, who is a LtCmdr in the Navy saw his Silver Star and started to smell a rat so she took a picture with him with it and sent that with a statement to the FBI.  He has been arrested and the news made CNN.  They have him wearing a Master Gunns uniform and also as a LtCol. Guess he never served in the Military but plays a lot of “Call of Duty” or “Modern Warfare2” which is the same thing to him as he leads a platoon of 14 year olds playing from their basements, through the streets of Iraq on a patrol.  The funny part that makes me laugh is that he must have paid about $500 dollars to get all those medals mounted, throw in buying the uniform, shoes, $200 dollar Cover (hat), I mean this DumbSh** paid a ton to be a poser!!  Also, why are all the posers out in California?? What gives with that?

Steve Burton Loser

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