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Help me, I need a Job!!!

February 26th, 2009 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

How many of us have heard this plea from our former Marines who have served honorably in the Corps and are now looking for a job on the outside? I have just taken over as the OIC of the South Central Region of the “Marine For Life” or (M4L as they write it out), program and our job is to help out these young or old…Marines as they transition from the Military to the civilian world. Presently, it is a nation wide program, staffed by 74 Enlisted and Officers serving in the reserves throughout most major cities around the United States. These are all Marines who hold full time jobs with major companies and network on the side with the movers and shakers of their community to connect our guys and gals with jobs.

Their main job is to connect these transitioning Marines, who either finished one tour or twenty years in the Corps, with companies in their area for employment. The hardest thing about doing this job is getting the word out to our Marines to sign up on the website and take advantage of this opportunity. Most guys and gals when they finish TAPS class only care about seeing Camp Pendleton in their rear view mirror as they race out of the front gate. Some have only a vague idea of what they want to do and where they will end up. Most think they will go back to school but if that doesn’t work out, they come to the conclusion of “Man, I need a job!” Most have forgotten what they heard in the class and know nothing of the CMC’s commitment to help out our guys.

So, what can we do out there amongst ourselves as Marines, Former Marines and reserves? Talk this program up to your Marines and tell them to sign up 180 days out from their EAS and start looking at where they will move to. Here are some bullets of how we can help

– 180 days out, the Marine signs up on the website as a “TM” Transitioning Marine.
– Prepare a resume. If you don’t have one, or if it needs work, your “HTL” Home town link will connect you with a volunteer to go over a proper resume for a job. (Having “ isn’t a good email address to have on your resume, that type thing.)
– Utilize the HTL’s monthly luncheons to network with local employers who are looking for a Marine to fill a spot in their company.
– If you have VA needs, they know the right folks to connect you with.
– If you are former Marine and would like to sign up to be a mentor or Network resource, please go to the same site, there is a huge need for you as well.

What can you, the reader also do? I hate to admit it, but when the war started, lots of wounded Marines have fallen through the cracks, who have returned home and are suffering and are in need of help. The Commandant of the Marine Corps also stood up the Wounded Warrior Regiment to help out, and now they track all wounded Marines from point A to point B and beyond. We still have Marines though who are not on the radar and need assistance, so they need to contact a District Injured Support Cell member which our staff can help them find.

We are not here to recruit them back into the Corps but to help them, so I implore you all to point them in the right direction and take advantage of this program. Here is a job opportunity for any computer savvy I.T. type with a Secret or better clearance to jump on and make some serious money. They have contracts all around the world on military bases and looking for a few good men and women. Marines taking care of Marines…

Hello Lt. Col. Bell,

Craig is out of town this week and asked me to forward you a little information about P2 Solutions and the Technician opportunities we have available.

P2 Solutions has more than 55 years of collective experience providing technical staffing services to businesses and industries throughout the United States. P2 is committed to the efficient use of technology to streamline business processes, contract employee management programs, which includes benefits packages, retention programs and consecutive assignment opportunities. We can create customized staffing solutions that can be developed for each client specifically. P2 has flexible pricing options and cost savings initiatives available to our clients. Our company culture revolves around the highest level of quality service for our clients and employees.

Below is what we are looking for in regards to technician’s skill level/ experience. Most of these contracts are only a week or two at a time.

I have also included below the high level SOW tasks for the DCMA project.

L3 – Advanced Technician
1-3 years experience in servicing/deploying computer equipment. Prior experience utilizing data and settings migration, imaging, application installation, and technologies. Must have proven customer service background. Able to comprehend and follow verbal and written instructions and scripts. Qualified resources should have A+ certification or equivalent skill set. MCP, MCSE, CNE or Network+ certification is a plus. Certification in various hardware platforms may optionally be required for servicing hardware issues.
L4 – Tech Lead
4+ years experience in servicing/deploying computer equipment. Must be able to lead team of technicians and act individually to complete service events. Need experience in managing subordinate technicians including escalating and resolving issues as they arise. Candidate must have proven customer service background. Individual should understand Statements of Work requirements and recognize cost impacts of operational matters. Good communication skills. Candidate will need to interact with the Customer Site Contact to prepare site for service delivery. Responsible for resolving technical escalations that arise during service delivery. Proven project experience utilizing data and settings migration, imaging, application installation, and technologies. Able to comprehend and follow verbal and written technical instructions and scripts. Qualified resources should have A+ certification or equivalent skill set. MCP, MCSE, MCSE, CNE or Network+ certification is a plus. Certification in various hardware platforms may optionally be required for servicing hardware issues.

High level Scope of Work:

Unbox PCs and Monitors Each PC will have 2 19″ monitors installed
Data and Personality Migration using the NEW Dell Automated Deployment (DAD) Tool. This will be done in a peer to peer fashion using a crossover cable between the legacy and new system.
Uninstall old system and monitor(s)
Install Dual 19″ monitors for each PC, connect peripherals, user verification and fill out customer acceptance form with Asset information and have EU sign at system completion
DOD Triple (3) Pass Data Wipe to be performed and verified on each legacy system (Lisa has software to send to techs to create CDs or can mail completed CDs to technicians). Technicians will need to bring a thumb drive and/or floppy disk to save data wipe certificate to and email to PM with signoffs.
Install and configure Network Lexmark Color Printers C534DTN at each site.
Remove packing materials to on-site dumpster
Will be able to do multiple installs at one time using the DAD tool.

We do also have some SharePoint/MOSS and Sunflower Asset Management opportunities available if you know someone who might have those skills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Craig or me – all of my contact information is below.
Best Regards,
Nina Fox
214.491.4228 x32 office
888.491.4225 toll free
214.417.2908 cell
214.491.4233 fax
2530 W. White Ave Ste. 300
McKinney, TX 75071

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