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Chat with me on the 20th 0930am to 1100am EST online

September 18th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Guys,
Marty at AnySoldier/Marine has come up with a cool little feature on the site and that is a Chat feature. Marine Chat online and I’d like to try out something for the masses on Sat the 20th. I will be online Saturday between 0930 and 11am Eastern time for about an hour. You just have to go to the link above and the first thing you do is Register, so at the bottom put in a user name, password and then your email address. Pretty easy. Then log on at the top where it say enter the chat room. That will open a small box, so click on Taco and you will be able to chat with me for about an hour. This will be a test and we’ll try it more with different days later. Look forward to chatting with the masses on this new feature.
Semper Fi,