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Mike Horrocks Memorial

August 16th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Dear Gang,
I have written in the past, about a Squadron mate of mine named Mike Horrocks, who was killed on Sept 11th 2001 as the co-pilot on United 175. For those of you in the PA area, here is a chance to pay tribute to a great man. I will still be over here in Afghanistan during that time, so you’ll have to tell me how it goes. People have emailed me asking why I haven’t written more. Well the answer is I have been busy as hell, my laptop blew up and it’s a pain to do this from a Gov’t computer. I have a story about a young 14 year old girl in trouble over here and how we are fighting to get her out of jail coming up.
So, thanks for your patience and talk to you soon.

August 15, 2008 Mike Horrocks Memorial Reunion
When: September 12, 2008 – 6:00pm
Where: Downtown Marriot, Philadelphia, PA
Dear Alumni & Friends,
We would like you to join us in honoring and remembering our teammate and friend, Michael Horrocks. As you may remember, Mike played Quarterback at West Chester between 1981 and 1984. In his first ever start in 1983, he led the team to a historical upset over then 35-point favorite Delaware University. Upon his graduation from West Chester University, Mike entered the Marine Corps and was commissioned a first lieutenant. He was honorably discharged after serving his country and shortly thereafter, he joined United Airlines. On September 11, 2001, he was the flight officer on Flight 175 –the second aircraft to crash into the twin towers. There isn’t anyone who could ever forget that moment; and it was unimaginable to think that nearly 3,000 innocent people would also perish on that very day.

On September 12, 2008 – seven years and one day after the tragedy of September 11, 2001 – teammates, alumni, Marines comrades, United Airlines crewmembers and colleagues, friends and family of Michael Horrocks will all be gathering to posthumously honor him. Former players John Mininno, Tom Schafer, Bruce Blake, Al DePippo, Al Nimela and others have organized the effort. The goal is to create an endowed football scholarship for Mike at West Chester University and a permanent memorial plaque at Farrell Stadium.

On behalf of your fellow teammates and alumni, we are extending an invitation to you to attend this memorial and contribute to the scholarship fund. The Philadelphia Downtown Marriot has provided special discount rates for rooms under the name “The Horrocks Memorial.” The reservation number is Call-215-625-2900 or 800-228- 9290. The rate is only $129 for the night. Please RSVP by mailing the below form to West Chester University Athletics, Sturzebecker HSC, West Chester, PA 19383. Please contact Keri Haibach at 610-436-2557 with any questions.
John Mininno Tom Schafer
John Mininno ’85 Tom Shafer ‘83 Dr. Edward Matejkovic ‘69
Athletic Director
West Chester University Michael Horrocks Memorial Reunion
Friday, Sept. 12, 2008: Downtown Marriott, Philadelphia, 6 PM
Name:______________________ Address:________________________________________
Guests:_____________________ Home Number:_____________________
Memorial Reunion: $45 x ________ (number of guests) = $_____________ Total
Please make checks payable to: West Chester University Athletics and write in the memo line “Michael Horrocks”
 I am unable to attend. I have enclosed my tax deductible donation to the: Michael Horrocks Scholarship Endowment
 Please call 610-426-2557 to make a credit card donation.
Mike Horrocks Memorial Sponsorship Information
When: September 12, 2008 – 6:00pm
Where: Downtown Marriot, Philadelphia, PA
“Rocks Tribute” Sponsor – (contact John Mininno 856 833-0600 – for more details)
Dinner Sponsor – (contact John Mininno 856 833-0600 for
more details)
Cocktail Hour ½ Sponsor ($5,000-$9,999)
Table Sponsor/Athletic Director’s Club ($2,500-$4,999)
Poster Sponsor/Coaches Club ($1,000-$2,499)
Friends Sponsor/Assistant Coaches Club ($500-$999)
“Rocks” Sponsor/Captains Club ($250-$499)
Make checks Payable to “Michael Horrocks Scholarship Endowment” and
return to West Chester University Athletics, Sturzebecker HSC, West Chester,
PA 19383 or bring to the event.
Contact John Mininno at 856 833-0600 – for further
information or questions regarding sponsorship and donations details.
If you wish to make a credit card donation, please call 610-426-2557. Credit card
payments may be made in equal monthly installments charged to your credit
card. Credit card and check donations will be accepted at the event.
Donations will be earmarked for a special fund “Michael Horrocks Scholarship
Endowment” a 501(c)3 organization so that contributions will be tax-deductible.

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