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Three Great deals for Military folks to pass on

July 15th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Guys,
If there is something out there that I believe is a good deal for our troops, then I will post it on my website (we get hit up with alot of stuff that I won’t pass on.) I have two things that deserve your attention so you can help spread the word. First of all, here is an offer for free outward bound trips that my Mom found from one of my Marines and checked out. Second is an offer for a free Banner for returning troops. This company is giving away 10K of these things. I have been in Contact with Andre at , so if you pass this info on, tell her I said hi. Then ABWFriend sent me this and this is what I did with my wife three years ago when I returned from Iraq. We went to a beautiful B and B down in Fredricksburg TX in the hill country. So I hope this helps someone out there.
Semper Fi

Good morning all,
This morning I received the following message from one of the Marines that I supported during his deployment to Iraq (he was in my son’s unit). Perhaps you have already heard of this program and this is redundant! In that case, stop reading and hit the delete key! Anyway, to make sure I wasn’t forwarding on erroneous information, I called the number that originally was at the bottom of the email and learned that, yes, this is the real thing! The lady did ask that the personal information I was looking at be deleted and that anyone who was interested, call Doug Hayward or email him directly. So, I’m sending this to all of you who are among the troops I have supported, the troop supporters I know who will make sure the word gets out to their troops, and to those of you who work with the troops and those who have blogs and may want to investigate it further and write about the program.
Excuse me if you have already publicized it and I just wasn’t aware that you had!!

This sounds like an awesome program to offer our troops!!

Momma Mary
Proud Mother of a Marine!!

Outward Bound Wilderness Excursions for OEF/OIF Veterans

Outward Bound, an international non-profit outdoor education program, is offering fully funded outdoor adventure excursions to all OEF/OIF veterans.
It doesn’t matter what your current military status is (active, inactive, discharged, retired) – you’re eligible to attend as long as you deployed in support of OEF/OIF combat operations while in the military. These five-day excursions offer adventure activities such as backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, canoeing, and dog sledding in beautiful wilderness areas in Maine, Texas, Colorado, California, and Minnesota. Scheduled courses from Sep 08-Feb 09 are listed below, and future courses will be scheduled soon.

All expedition costs for lodging, equipment, food, and instruction are completely funded by a multi-million dollar Sierra Club grant, including the participants’ round-trip transportation between home and the wilderness site. The excursion is offered at no cost to the participant. To sign up for one of the prescheduled courses, please contact Doug Hayward at 1-866-669-2362, ext. 8387, or simply e-mail him at
To learn more about the OEF/OIF program, visit the website at You can also contact two of our retired Judge Advocates, Joe and Amy Frisk, who are working for Outward Bound on this incredible program at, or at (303) 968-4420.


Leadville, Colorado: Backpacking and Rock Climbing in the Colorado Rockies

* September 3-7, 2008
* October 4-8, 2008

Newry, Maine: Backpacking and Canoeing

* October 7-11, 2008
* October 19-23, 2008

Big Bend, Texas: Back packing and Cayoneering

* November 2-6, 2008
* November 15-19, 2008

Joshua Tree National Monument, California: Backpacking and Rock Climbing

* December 3-7, 2008
* December 14-18, 2008

Ely, Minnesota: Dog Sledding

* February 3-7, 2009
Dear Taco,
I am employed at and we are running a promotion that gives military families a free customizable banner to help welcome home their loved ones returning from overseas. I was wondering if you could offer me any tips or suggestions on who to get in contact with to get the message in the hands of those people that can take advantage of this promotion. If you know anyone who could take advantage of this service then please send them over to .
We are giving away 10,000 banners and also donating 15% of proceeds to the DAV.
Thank you very much for your service
This came from
Hi. I recently read your post from July 15th about great deals for veterans. I have an old post at my blog about something that might interest you. It is called the Texas Veterans Project. The Texas Veterans Project is a group of B&B’s, Guest Cottages, Hotels and small Inns in Central Texas that offer free stays for military who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. The website for the group is The website has details about the free stays (e.g. eligibility, length of stay, etc.) and a list of participating business with contact information including links for many of them. My original post was inspired by a story about the project in the Houston Chronicle- apparently the business owners were having a hard time getting the word out and having veterans take them up on the offer. I also found some other background information. If you want to know more, you can read what I wrote here.

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