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Afghan Intel update on Todays attack

July 7th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0


Today a Suicide bomber attacked the Indian Embassy killing 41 people and wounding 141.  This attack occurred at 0834 when a car filled with explosives drove into the gates of the Embassy and detonating.  A contact close to me said the carnage was horrible and that the death toll included many children that were out in mass around the adults waiting in line for their visa’s from the Embassy.  This is a typical cowardly attack by Taliban who were possibly trained through agents of Pakistan’s Inter-serivces Intelligence directorate.  Folks they are seeking to exploit the troubles Afghanistan is having on the border with Pakistan.


This isn’t the first attack against Indian interest but with the Paks overwhelmed with their own terrorist problem, they aren’t much help. There are some serious things under foot out here and you should write to CNN and Fox and ask them to cover this situation more then the elections on the television. You are talking about a country with Nukes next door, who hate their neighbors on the other side of them who also have nukes. And no one is really worried about Iran getting Nukes or that would be a real issue in the elections. I mean, a real issue as in what will you do about it? Do you have enough stones to take out their program before they can make a bomb? I trust the Indians with the bomb, I don’t like it, but they are a calmer bunch then either the Paki’s or Iranians.


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