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Change in Orders

March 30th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Guys,

I have started my journey to Camp Lejeune NC where I’ll start the three weeks of training to prepare for my deployment. I have to say that the tide of the war has surely been changed forever!

Since I will be stationed with the State department, they offered me a chance to participate in a new program. If I extend my orders to 18 months, then I can take my family over with me. T and I discussed this as we were doing our Yoga this morning, and have decided to accept these new and exciting orders. We figured it would be a great educational experience for the children to say that they lived in Afghanistan.

Our soon-to-be five-year-old was very excited over the news and will be measured for her first Burka Monday at Burka’s R-US in Dallas next to the Islamic world-wide education center.

The children will attend a local school near the base where T has applied to be a teacher. We’re not clear if she will be able to drive or not so the taxi service might be our newest best friend.

Afghanistan will be an incredible assignment and anyone interested in visiting will always have a place to stay in our new Former Taliban palace. All I can say is that the Tea will always be on, and there will be fresh Lamb chops for dinner. I’d like to thank T for her tremendous support in this decision!!

Look forward to hearing from you all soon and an early Happy April’s Fool Day too!

Semper Fi,

For those who think I’m serious, this is a joke!!!

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