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Semantics, The Rebuilding in Iraq…

March 21st, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

You know, I’m tired of hearing people talk about the “Iraq War.” When you think about it, we aren’t at war in Iraq. As my Uncle Bruce pointed out, we are in the “Reconstruction of Iraq” right now. The last I heard, we won the war; hell, we kicked the Iraqi’s military back in ’91 and again in ’03. Right now we are helping them rebuild their country in addition to improving their security.

Think about it; we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, firebombed their cities to dust, and then went in there and rebuilt their country as well. While we are on the subject of a “Do-over,” how about Germany? Man, we bombed the living hell out of their country as well, and look at the modern cities they got out of it. Both Countries are doing pretty well in the grand scheme of things I must say, and all thanks to the United States since most of the European countries were flat broke after the war or leveled by the armies of both sides. We even had to fight an insurgency in Germany in the years following the end of the war.

The American Military was present during the reconstruction for years after the cessation of hostilities in 1945, and to a great extent, are still there. Funny thing is look at former Eastern Germany; it still looked very much like it did after the dark days of WWII thanks to Russia and we got to see it when the wall came crashing down in ’91. Now maybe the Russians were keeping the Germans down after getting millions of their guys killed on the Eastern Front, but somehow I think Stalin was just a flat-out, mean guy, who then turned around and killed millions of his own people in the years that followed VE day. So the last thing he wanted to do was rebuild the country that kicked his behind.

With all this said, let’s no longer call it “The War in Iraq,” but call it what it really is, “The Reconstruction of Iraq” since we are building schools, hospitals, and the things that they need to live. Then, when all the protesters come out to march, they will be holding up signs that say “Pull out of Iraq, don’t help them anymore.” Kind of funny, just by changing a few words, you change the whole prospective of what this thing really is. While we help the Iraqis, we are not really fighting Iraqis.

But we are being attacked by Muslim terrorists from other countries. So that means we are fighting a war against Muslim Terrorists. We’re at peace with the Iraqi Government; we’re just at war with Muslim terrorists. The next time someone mentions “The war in Iraq,” stop him or her right away and say, “We’re not at war in Iraq, we’re rebuilding it.” They will come back with that we are fighting over there. That’s correct, our troops are fighting terrorists, but so are about thirty other countries too. If you start going around the world, country by country, you’ll see that most are having problems with Muslim terrorist too, so that makes it a “World-wide War on Terror.” But as to a War in Iraq, we’re at peace and working with the Iraqi Government, so I’d say that we’re rebuilding it.”

Now if enough people started saying this and the cable talk shows and radio shows began calling it what it is, then I think folks’ perspective would change as to what we truly are doing there.

So all together now “It’s not a war in Iraq, it’s a reconstruction of Iraq.” Semantics…that’s all.
Semper Fi,