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Military Extreme Makeover

March 5th, 2008 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hi Gang,
I have received word via Steel Jaw Scribe about an incredible deal for one of our guys. The VP of Navy Marine Corps Relief Society said that ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover program wants to assist one of our Iraq War veterans by totally renovating their home at no expense to the service member. This is an opportunity to identify a most worthy Marine or Navy family who suffered injuries in Iraq/Afghanistan/Arabian Gulf. Here is the info below, feel free to copy this or email my link to anyone you know that fits what they are looking for. Let’s hook up our wounded with a new house.
Semper Fi,

Do you know someone whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover? If so, the
producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you! Ty
Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and they are ready to drive
that infamous bus into your neighborhood.
What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover?
We are in search of real heroes – people that have amazing strength and who have
put their own needs aside to help someone else. In addition to heroics, the
producers are looking for families whose homes are in dire need of help. We don’t
want to tear down a nice looking house. We want to see houses that look like they
might fall down on their own!
To be eligible: A family must own their own single family home and be able to
show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives.
Interested families should: e-mail a short description of their family story to –
Nominations must include:
1. The names and ages of each member of the household
2. A description of the major challenges within the home.
3. Explanation of why this family is deserving, heroic, or a positive role model in
their community.
4. Photos of the family and a photo of the home
5. Don’t forget to include a contact phone number.
The deadline: for nominations is March 13, 2008. Don’t Delay!
For more information on how to apply please visit our website at: