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Adam KoKesh Busted loser and EX-Marine

September 17th, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey guys,

You know, from reading my past posts, that I normally focus on old Marine or Military stories, and try to stay away from the political hatred that bubbles from this war. This is now an entirely different situation than we faced in 2003. That was a war that ended in just a couple of days. Now, the fact is that we are trying to bring peace to a country that has never had freedom in years, and this is worth it, in my opinion. We could sit and chat about the pros and cons of being “over there” for the next decade, and it will not get us anywhere. I will still think we are right, and others will say that they are right. Only time will tell. I mean we are still in Kosavo aren’t we? That was Clinton’s little war and no one speaks about that years later.

Recently a reporter, Suzanne Schrobsdorff, interviewed me for a article on returning vets some of whom choose to be anti-war protestors. I think they are TURDS with a capital “T.” No “if’s, an’s or butts” about it. The article focused on Adam Kokesh, one of these vets who are getting their fifteen minutes of fame. You know what will become of him ten years from now? Nothing. He’ll be a fat, bitter former war protester. He is a “Turd” of a former Marine who has been let go from the Corps with a “general discharge under honorable conditions” even though other officials recommended an “other than honorable” discharge. He has no integrity, in my opinion. He was busted from sergeant to corporal for trying to bring back a gun that he “bought” from an Iraqi. Hell, he is lucky he didn’t get the BCD, “Big chicken Dinner” or Bad Conduct Discharge. This NCO knew better then to violate general rule number one, you do not drink, no porno, and no smuggling guns back. The funny thing is that he was in a CAG unit. They did not go around and sand bag “innocent” Iraq’s; they were the guys with the money. One of the Officers in my unit just came back from doing that job for a year. It is dangerous, no doubt about it, but it requires trust. Makes me wonder if he’s lashing out at the Corps because he was busted down in rank? What do you think? Maybe he is a disgruntled grunt?

Well, Adam, I hope you enjoy your short fame and fortune because when you finish your degree, there will be a limited number of folks out there that will hire you. Here is what I see may happen to you in the near future. You go for an interview and don’t get the job because A: the HR person also served in the Military and had an honorable career there. B: They may have served in Iraq and hate you for what you have done. C: They had a child that served and hate you for what you have done. D: They lost someone during 9-11. E: Would they want to hire someone who has a “General Discharge” and was busted down in rank for trying to smuggle a weapon back which reeks of questionable integrity? Just remember, you are associated with the same scum who vandalized the Vietnam Memorial last weekend with acid spray.

Who knows what the case may be, but when they Google your name, guess what they will find? All of your Anti-War protests, and a number of Male Gay websites that love you. That’s sad if you ask me. Maybe someone from “” will put you to work in the mailroom. Yes, folks can blast me all they want for not liking him or what he stands for, but bottom line, he is a loser. Now that I have vented, those of you that have found my site from the article, stay tuned for the regularly scheduled stories.
Semper Fi,

PS, just saw in the paper that Sire Records just gave your group $100K, I hope that you don’t screw that up end up in jail for tax evasion or misuse of funds…