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Sean Hannity is my Hero "Freedom Alliance"

August 17th, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Sean Hannity, what a guy!

OK, call me goofy, but I like Sean Hannity and I love to watch Fox News. In Iraq, the Government-owned Armed Forces Network split the programming time between first, Fox News; second, Communist News Network (CNN); and finally, some old TV reruns. Sometimes they would switch it around and you might miss Hannity and Colmes if you weren’t paying attention. Bottom line, I just like the way he presents himself on TV and he seems like a very genuine guy.

For several years now, Sean, in conjunction with the Freedom Alliance, has put on a series of “Freedom Concerts” around the country for a very WORTHY cause. The Freedom Alliance, founded by LtCol Oliver North in 1990, created a trust fund for the children of our active-duty Marines and Soldiers who have either given their lives for our country or have received 100% disability. The Alliance is amazing, for they have raised over ten million dollars so far for the 2,220 plus children who have lost their father or mother since their founding. Think about it. All those kids, ranging from newborns to teenagers, will be taken care of when the time comes for them to attend college, and their parents’ sacrifice will not be forgotten. I am in awe of this program; and my admiration for Sean, Col. North, and The Freedom Alliance continues to grow.

My parents purchased their tickets earlier, and I really wanted to go, but with schedule conflicts, I wasn’t sure if I could attend until the last minute. I called Mike, one of the staff members for Mark Davis on WBAP 820, and asked if there was a way to still get tickets. He took my number and said, “I’ll give you a shout back.” True to his word, he called back with an extra ticket. Turns out, a gentleman named Mike Loyd, wasn’t able to make it, and donated his tickets back to the station. Talk about happy! The other lucky ticket recipient, Kelly, picked up the tickets, and we met up with her and her family at the Nokia Theater. What a great time!! Kelly and Mike, I owe you guys a big cold beer!

Now, the kicker of the entire story is that I called Sean’s talk line, and told the screener I would love to meet Sean. Why? Well, because he was my hero. She said it would be up to Sean so I tossed in, “Well, would it help if he knew I was the poster boy on his sponsor’s website,” I told her the story of getting the coffee from Bruce, the CEO of BocaJava, and finding out when I returned from Iraq that they used me on their website banner (pretty honored by that, by the way). She started typing on her computer, and then put me through on the air with Sean. But, it was the tail end of the show, so he says, “Hey Col, stay on the line.” The next thing I knew, I was talking to his assistant Eileen who arranged for three backstage passes to meet him.

(My Mom was there but the only good picture taken was by her, my camera froze)

Guys, I can tell you that when he walks into the room, he has a magnetic charge that permeates the air! I’m sure you’ve met the type—he could be your best friend from college that you haven’t seen in twenty years, and you pick up right where you left off years ago. He makes you feel like the VIP. Thing is that he was that way with everyone. During the show they had four soldiers from Fort Hood on a live satellite feed to over twenty five thousand folks in the audience, and then they brought out their wives, mothers, fathers, girlfriends, and kids to talk to them. He and Col. North REALLY care for our servicemen and it shows. I sure wish that guys like George Soros would spend their vast hoards of money to help out the military families like Sean and Freedom Alliance does.

(back stage with Mark Davis from WBAP 820am)

Anyway, it’s a great show for a worthy cause, and you would have loved hearing the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich who told us that since Homeland Security and the INS can’t track illegal aliens, they ought to use the same technology that Fed-Ex does. If they can track forty-five million packages worldwide, why don’t we just send all these illegal aliens a package then have Fed-Ex track them for the US Government. That was pretty funny. One of the neatest moments was when he asked the audience to turn on their cell phones like people used to click their cigarette lighters. All those pinpoints of lights waving in the theater were so moving!

(Meeting Ollie North, the man who started it all)

I also got to meet him, and my folks got to say “hi” to Col. North who they know from years of going to the same barber in Arlington. He was really surprised to see them in Dallas! Governor Mitt Romney also puts on a great speech. All great Americans! In addition, the musicians were awesome and were constantly giving tribute to the service members and veterans of all wars. As my Dad said, “he felt like a jumping jack from standing up so many times with the other veterans!” They had Colin Raye, Lee Greenwood, and the Montgomery Gentry Band. All of them were just great! Bottom line is that if you can make the September 11th show in New York City, I sure recommend you do it!!

(Lee Greenwood who sings, Proud to be an American)

Well, have a great day and talk to you soon.
Semper Fi,
PS, Sean if you are reading this, thanks again