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Looking for Scott Eaton

August 5th, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Scott,
Your email bounced back, LtCol Voytko said for you to get in contact with him for sure. Email me again with a good email address so I can pass on his contact info to you.

Hey Gang, Check out go to the five million cup project. They are the ones that sent us three boxes of the best coffee in the world. This company is the real deal and I just did an interview with them on being one of the guys who received coffee from Bruce the President. If you want to send something to that special guy/gal over there, go check out Boca Java, I put a link on my site to them, they will hook you up. (I’m also the poster boy on their web site)

Lane Barnholtz over at is putting on a contest to award money to your favorite Charity. I know that Marty had AnySoldier removed so belay my last asking you to vote for A.S.
Lane has a great site and I don’t know where he gets the money to give away, but I think it’s a wonderful deal. Good luck who ever wins.

Well, What do you want to hear about next? Landing on the USS Lexington or going the speed of sound? How about doing the bull fights in Lajes??
PS, I think Lajes wins out and I’m almost done