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Go West young man

April 23rd, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Hey Guys,
I just picked up a trip to Japan and then on down to Thailand to drop off some junk there for Cobra Gold. Last time I was there in May of 1994, we arrived right before these giant thunderstorms hit the airfield. The little Thai guys parked our KC 130 on the ramp next to base ops and motioned for us to all go into the shack before the rain hit. We had the APU running and nice cold air blasted our faces as the crew begin to pack up their stuff. I looked at the outside air temperature gauge and it read 120*F and saw the solid wall of water approaching us. The Mech came back inside and buttoned up the door to keep the rain out. We all agreed that waiting out the rain would be a good thing and give it a chance to cool off the air. Well that doesn’t happen there, as we all found out. The rain just turned into steam and we enjoyed a nice sauna bath for the rest of the trip.
Because I will be gone for a month, I won’t be able attend the National Milblogging Conference in DC. My folks will be there and will get to hang out with for the party with all the Usual Suspects! On the other hand, I will catch up with Gunny John as we eat some Sushi outside of Gate Two Street by Kadena Air Force Base. That will be a blast!! I will have time to write though as we chug across the Pacific, so stand by to stand by…
Well, before I sign off, I just want to say “God Bless” to the family of Lt Cmdr. Davis who has Gone West doing what he loved to do…Flying.

Until we talk again.
Semper Fi,