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Chesty Puller

April 10th, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

This great story about Chesty Puller came from the Net and it arrives every blue moon. Hope you enjoy it.

The Korean War, in which the Marine Corps fought and won some of its most brutal battles, was not without its gallows humor.

During one such conflict a ROK (Republic of Korea) commander, whose unit was fighting with the Marines, called legendary Marine (then Colonel) Chesty Puller to report a major Chinese attack in his sector.

“How many Chinese are attacking you?” asked Puller.

“Many, many Chinese!” replied the excited Korean officer.

Puller asked for another count and got the same answer: “Many, many Chinese!”

“#*#&*!#%!” swore Puller, “Put my Marine liaison officer on the radio.”

In a minute, an American voice came over the air: “Yes, sir?”
“Lieutenant,” growled Chesty, “exactly how many Chinese you got up there?”

“Colonel, we got a whole shitload of Chinese up here!”

“Thank God!” exclaimed Puller, “At least there’s someone up there who knows how to count!”