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Crazy Ladies I love

November 30th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Well guys,
A year ago, I was sitting up on top of our control tower in the Bada Bing eating fifteen day old birthday cake that my Mom had sent to me and opening up the presents that my wife and family had sent out to me with the warning “Do not open till the 30th.” Which I obeyed to the letter!

Well, I have to say that I’m a hard guy to shop for, I mean I’m the guy who has everything!! Well there is a group of gals out there who have banded together and formed an organization called the “Church Ladies.” They are my hard core supporters and some of the greatest patriotic Americans around!! They have adopted a couple of us military guys and I’m honored to say that I am one. I received the best birthday present from them and it was a video set to the music of “Crazy” with all of them in different costumes and positions as they each spelled “Happy Birthday Taco”

I want to thank them for their time and creative efforts!! You guys are awesome…I’ll look into putting it on YouTube…

Thanks to Agnieszka, Joan, Leta, Lynn, Melissa, Bridget, Sherri, Debbie, Karen, Cheryl, Teresa,Mary and Marty/Maj Pain. If I missed one of you, please let me know.
If you want to celebrate with me tonight, here are the ingredients to the “Taco Shot” and feel free to make up a batch.
Thanks guys!!
Semper Fi,
PS check out these two shots on You-Tube, you might have to cut and paste these.

Taco Shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In honor of Taco’s Birthday, November 30, 2006

Although the Taco Shot is grounded in ancient tradition – Scots have distilled their namesake whisky for centuries – the Taco Shot itself is a decidedly Church Lady invention, popularized in select post-Iraqi-redeployed neighborhoods throughout the US where imbibers want their drinks “stirred, not shaken” without appearing too frou-frou.


1 Marine Helmut – preferably used previously to cover private parts during covert operations


6 oz. of 15th century dark, pungent Malt Whisky, distilled over peat fires
at the Bell Clan castle

1 jigger of prop “warsh” (see Bridget for mail order supply)

1 whole Taco-hot-habanera pepper mashed to a bloody pulp

1 dash of freshly squeezed Leghound Juice (source known only to LegHound)

Pour all ingredients into Marine Helmut and stir vigorously for 5 minutes using rusty propeller blade.

Take 1 deep breath, release breath slowly, raise helmut to mouth and …..

Bombs Away.