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"The New Deal"

April 18th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Dear Gang,
The reactions from folks who find out I was in Iraq are varied but there are a couple of questions that they all ask me. Number one is “Are we winning the war?” I think that depends on what front. Are we beating the snot out of these Holy Jihad terrorist? Yes!! For every American wounded, we are killing about ten of them. Now I can’t show you that number on paper, but it’s more like what we call a SWAG (Scientific wild ass guess). I would say that we are doing much better then the Russian’s did in Afghanistan in the 80’s, but there will be a time when we will have to hope Iraq is stable enough to survive on it’s own.
There is so much going on around the world that I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy in President Bush’s spot. Just think, you are trying to deal with finishing a project in Iraq to make a beacon of freedom there in an area where the others don’t want that to happen. Iran is next door saying that the world must accept them into the Nuclear club, (oh by the way, we want to wipe Israel off the map). You have to figure out a way to appease the leaders there so they can call off all their insurgents in Iraq, to allow for the U.S. to make a peaceful honorable withdraw.
Then, spin the globe around and you have the morons in N. Korea saying they can lob a Nuke over to the shores of the U.S., so now you must appease China by making them a favored nation status so they will keep their thumbs pressed on Korea from doing something they would regret. All the while, trying to stop Taiwan from pissing off the mother land next door causing the invasion of 2 billion Chinaman. See this would be a problem for us as well since we have pledged our military to help the fledging democracy that was formed so many years ago.
Now on top of that, our country has been invaded by an army of over 12 million Mexicans and the only shot fired was that of all the gangs roaming around the border cities. My buddy just went back over to Iraq for his third tour and he is going to be on the border of Syria and Iraq trying to plug the holes there as future fodder filter across the desert plains to wage war on innocent Muslims and the “infidel” Americans. Tom actually trained with our border guys down in Arizona and was just amazed at how messed up our country truly is. They have caught gangs smuggling explosives across the desert for future operations by terrorists. We have problems here guys when that happens.
Now, I pose a question to you…what would it take to change us back to a country where we were a melting pot again? Here are some ideas for a better America, most aren’t mine and most are too radical to ever happen but I think it would make life better in the long run.
1. All 18 year olds must do some form of service, either a two year stint in the one of the branches of the Armed Forces, or a new C.C.C. (conservation corps like in the 30’s) building new bridges, roads, planting trees etc., or the U.S. Peace Corps going into the inner cities of our own country teaching folks to read, write etc to get them above the need to join a gang or be on welfare. Then finally, your other choice is to join the U.S. border Patrol plugging the gaps on our nation’s porous states.
2. Rescind the right to be a U.S. Citizen if you are born here from illegal parents. Just because they broke the law shouldn’t mean we give you our freedoms and rights. This is unpopular but if you come here, you should be learning English, speaking it and using it. It gets old to hear “For Spanish press 1, for English, press 2”.
3. Make prison hard again. I mean if you are there, make it so bad that you don’t want to come back…ever again. West of the Mississippi, you go to Roswell NM and break big rocks into little rocks, fill sand bags all day, chain gangs, fill sand bags and live in tents. Just make that Sheriff out there “Joe” something, the national prison warden. If you are east of the river, you will clear brush out from under the swamps of South Carolina. It’s too easy now.
4. If you really want to make things interesting, offer prisoner’s the chance to work off their sentence by going to Iraq and clearing the IED’s and trash on the side of the road!!!
5. Make a flat tax on everything. That way if you aren’t going to get rid of all the illegals, at least they are paying taxes to support the hospitals, schools and roads that they all enjoy.

I know that I’m preaching to the choir, but in a perfect world, this is the path I would like to see happen. Now back to Iraq since you got me off on my tangent, the cause will be won and we will leave when Muslims across the globe say enough is enough with all this senseless killing. Are we in a Holy War again? Like the Crusades so many years ago? Well, I didn’t see any insurgents wearing a uniform from a nation, but they were fighting because of their religious beliefs. So you make your own opinion on what is happening in that department. I think our guys and gals are doing a great job over there, better then what is reported in the main stream news.
Change 2
I’m heading up to DC this weekend for the Mil Blog conference with my Folks and Capt B IS ABLE TO MAKE IT. Sorry Regina, I’m not sure it would be the best weather to wear my Kilt. I am looking forward to meeting everyone there and if you have the chance to come and you are local, come on out. Friday night, we are going to the open bar followed by bashing some Pinko’s at Walter Reed hospital. I regret that my company won’t give me the time off to attend the cruise in NY harbor at the end of the month. If you get a chance, that would be a blast to attend!!
Well, you all take care and I’ll talk to you soon.
Semper Fi,