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A little "Manual" Labor

March 24th, 2006 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Dear Gang
I had a great time up in DC at my folks house and on Friday night was able to go protest in front of Walter Reed Hospital against the Pinko’s who give our Marines and Soldiers a hard time when they are bused in there on Friday nights. You guys would be proud of our supporters who have coffee and pizza out to make the night go by nice and fast. One of my Mom’s friends “GunNut” was out there and I wanted to thank her for my present!! You are awesome girl!! If you live in the DC area and can visit these guys on a Friday night, go help out to let the troops know that the Pinko’s are down the street and mean nothing. Also, is needing some funding, if you can send them a donation, it will be going to the most important cause around!! I sent Marty Money via paypal and it was painless. Below is a memory I had, thought I would go back now and type out memories for you since I’m home and limited to the amount of time I can spend on the computer with the little ones begging me to build forts and play “Daddy GI Joe” to their Barbie’s.
Hope you guys are doing well and I’ll talk to you soon.
Semper Fi,

The two Marines stared out of the window overlooking the parking lot next to the old Iraqi control tower. It was windy as all get out, a light splattering of rain falling as passing cumulus clouds sailed overhead. There was a ton of gravel dumped two weeks before, that while all smoothed out, was far too deep. The SUV’s parked next to the building would have to back out in four wheel drive because with all the rain sitting below the gravel that was intended to keep them above all the mud, they would get stuck.
There below was a lone Marine with a shovel in his hand, the constant crunch of metal biting into gravel could be heard 80 feet over head. With each scoop, another sling, the gravel pit slowly started thinning out. Of course, this taking hours to do. The first Marine sipped his coffee again, the only sound between them. They watched for another ten minutes. The door to the office opened with a slight knock, both Marines by the window turned to acknowledge the visitor and returned to the lone figure below. The visitor joined them at the window, “What did he do this time?” The Officer with the coffee took another slow sip of his coffee and replied “Well, our young devil dog was caught doing doughnuts over next to the new Can Camp in our Trooper yesterday afternoon in the rain and mud. He even made the General’s blotter in the morning meeting. I got over ten phone calls on it this morning.” He paused and then continued “I figured if he liked being out in the mud and rain, he could take care of our gravel problem down there.”
The visitor nodded and they watched this guy work like a piston engine. “Man, he just keeps going like that little bunny” mumbled the Staff Sergeant next to the Major. The Officer shook his head, “that boy is dumb sometimes, at least he could have put a fake number in the window and blamed it on Grunts next door or even better, the Army” The visitor, a Gunny, smiled. “Are you going to have him doing this till you leave next week?” The Officer, thought about it, “The jury is not out on this kid yet, might let him go for another day or so to keep him out of trouble, hell it makes me tired just watching him!”
They all nodded and went back to the sound of his metal blade digging into the pit. The Gunny summed it all up for us “Life is tough, tougher when you are stupid”