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This Ain’t hell takes on Mike Yon and Paul Rieckhoff

July 15th, 2012 Posted in Military

Man oh man, for those of you who read “This Ain’t Hell” on a regular basis, you know that I’m a BIG fan of both Mark and Jonn.  This week they went after Paul Rieckhoff for wearing a Special Forces Tab and a Bronze Star which are in question.  It’s more of the bloater syndrome then Stolen Valor.  You can’t get in trouble for that now so they post it online.  Sort of like that old LA police show…Just the facts Sir and that is what you get with these guys.  The Facts via their own records, nothing secret about a FOIA. 

Michael Yon started defending Rieckhoff which I’m surprised about because Mike did go through the whole “Q” course and that SF Tab means something.  I bet since Mr. Yon doesn’t like me (Milkook Marine) and I decided to wear one (which I can’t nor would I) he would jump my stuff and go on about it for eons.  A little double standard there on Mike Yon’s part.

 What really made me chuckle was the FOIA on Mike Yon and the ID card picture they pasted on This Ain’t hell of Yon.  He acts like it was stolen from Fort Knox when it was his ID card picture in his file that was released with the FOIA.  Anyway, if you want to take a peek into the background of Mr. Michael Yon, Combat blogger/Writer living in Thailand, go check this out. 



Here is the post from TAH:

“Apparently, someone is interceding in this little battle between Paul Rieckhoff and reality, so I feel it’s incumbent on myself to provide this interloper with all of the facts. I tried to post as little of Paul’s file on the internet as possible because it seemed that he was not too receptive to that. I’m not a completely heartless being. But, Rieckhoff’s minions are bringing this down on him.

Here’s his citation for his Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) for merit during his tour ofIraq. Notice the dates which span his service there;April 5, 2003throughJanuary 28, 2004;

Now, if you look at his letter, he says that his Bronze Star Medal (BSM) was awarded effectiveMarch 17, 2004. Since the Bronze Star is for merit and can only be awarded for service against an armed enemy, and since the ARCOM was already awarded for his entire service in Iraq, unless the BSM was awarded for the last three days of service in Iraq not covered by the ARCOM, it makes no sense that his unit would have given him the BSM for the same period for which they awarded the ARCOM, because a BSM for merit is just a super-ARCOM.

Now, the Army might have decided to upgrade the ARCOM to a BSM, but then the ARCOM wouldn’t be on his DD214, yet there it is and there’s the citation for the ARCOM. Rieckhoff admits that he’s never seen orders or a citation for the BSM.

And Michael Yon is going to defend Rieckhoff against my charges. Michael Yon doesn’t understand anything about awards, either. He spent only 4 years and 11 months in the Army (how much did you understand with a couple of years of service?) and none of it in combat and more than two years of that was as a student (yeah, I have Yon’s records, too). So when you read Yon’s defense of Rieckhoff tomorrow, remember that Yon’s experience in the matter is non-existent, since he’s never had to deal with combat awards.”

But Yon is getting involved just so he can raise money again in a war against the Milkooks. But none of my fellow Milkooks so much as linked to the post I did on Rieckhoff. So, it’s just me, Mikey, all on my lonesome. Give me your worst. I guess he’s hoping for some of that IAVA money, because those Thai hookers ain’t comin’ cheap for a fat, old bald guy.

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