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Happy Father’s Day!

June 21st, 2009 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

My Dad’s early father’s day gift

On a side note, Happy Fathers day out there to the dad’s in Cyberland! I had to spend about a week up at the Navy Annex putting together meetings for the General over in Kabul. This involved talking on the Tandberg VTC with my new best friend, Major Bess over in the Joint Vistor’s Bureau, and doing follow up on weapons and gear for the team of ten heading over to Afghanistan. My folks live not too far from the Navy Annex in Alexandria, so it was a rare treat to spend more than 10 hours there like I would for a layover with my airline.

My Dad’s new project was repainting the house since Mom had the front porch remodeled to a bright white décor. Dad had painted the house in yellow trim to match the yellow siding that was put on the back of house when they built an addition in the early 80’s. Dad, who was in the Navy, loved the ocean and fast boats, was afraid of heights, and wasn’t looking forward to having to repaint the upper windows of the house. As a guest for a week, and saving Uncle Sam the cost of a hotel room in DC, I had to repay this great American for his slaving over the grill each night to prepare us a meal and giving me my old room back. So, to help out, after work I would climb up the ladder and scrape the old paint off and start painting primer on top of the old yellow paint. This involved taking the storm windows out so that I didn’t paint them shut in the process, sore feet from the ladder and lots of sweat.

I enjoyed it though, Ipod on, paint brush in hand, it was just like being a kid again and helping out around the house. My folks went away for that weekend so I really poured on the coals to the project after my day at the office was complete. By the time they returned, I had most of the hard work done and my Dad and I spent another 8 hours painting the shutters and then hanging them. I had to leave for Afghanistan before I could help with some other windows, but they were low and Dad attacked them on the step ladder with ease. He was very happy with the results of our project and I’m happy to have helped him out. So Dad, Happy Fathers day! I love you and I’m glad you are not up on the ladder…

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