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The Eagle has landed in DC

March 18th, 2007 Posted in The SandGram v1.0

Dear Gang,

Admin day at Casa de Taco:
1. Gathering of Eagles
2. Request from LL at Chromed Curses
3. Special announcement

I have to tell you how very proud I am of my folks and friends that went down to DC yesterday for the Gathering of Eagles. Not only did “Momma Taco” and “DaNang” (the folk’s computer call-signs) go, but they were accompanied by Leta, Joan, GunnNutt and Maj Pain. The weekend for them also included standing in the freezing conditions Thursday and Friday night at Walter Reed Hospital to welcome the wounded when they arrived on the buses. So you could say that this has been a very hectic and cold weekend for all these great Americans showing our colors.

My Dad said that it was the biggest collection of losers and derelicts that liberal money could buy. Their turnout was minimal. He said that it was about even all the way around, equal number on both sides. Momma Taco told me that there was a gauntlet of “Counter Protestors”-the good guys, made up of Veterans, active duty, parents and supporters, just begging these silly, yellow covered scumbags to have a little talk. GunNutt, made up “Spit Shields” to protect against the possible HIV or Hep C infections these rabid dogs might carry. They were the hit of the parade.

Maj Pain had a backpack full of surprises for the war protestors if they tried any thing silly. He also said it would have been WWIII if they had tried anything, for some of these Vets were pretty tough. From my view on Fox News and the rest of the stations down here in Texas, it was a collection of idiots lead by Cindy Shithan and when they showed the folks from the GOE’s, they stood strong and silent, arms crossed and a look of “Come get some” in their eyes.
Great job to all those who braved the cold to show those Soros losers that they may have the right to march, but if you attempt to deface our memorials, you would face the consequences.

I have a request from LL over at Chromed Curses
Dear Taco,
About a month ago, Cpl M at A Soldier’s Perspective put up this post about how he wanted to do Cigar Hour with the Chaplain. I sent out emails to different companies online and one wrote back. The guy at hooked me up by selling me two humidors at over 40% off their online list price.

He has also been selling me cigars at a much reduced price. He suggested that I start a chatboard because one of the commenter’s on A Soldier’s Perspective mentioned that they have no clue when it comes to cigars. So I started Let’s Talk Cigars. Jeff will answer any and all questions about cigars for us clueless folk.

Well, the whole thing has snowballed. Jeff Jackson (my contact) has a lot of military clients in Iraq and Afghanistan and he sent the link to them. He is also allowing me to post One Day Sale items and special prices for certain items.

In the end though, what counts is that for all the items sold through him and the chatboard, he will “credit” Cpl M’s project and send me free cigars to ship out to Iraq for Cigar Hour.

I was hoping that maybe you guys could mention the chatboard and the help that Jeff has been giving us and maybe encourage your readers to consider buying through him. They don’t have to donate the cigars to Cpl M, but if they want to, that would be MOST EXCELLENT. I wrote a post over on A Soldier’s Perspective covering buying cigars for the project here.

Also, I have set up a section so that if someone who is deployed would like to be a recipient of a sampler or something, they can put in a request. I’ve started a Paypal account to gather funds from my readers and hopefully that will be enough to get things rolling.
Thanks so much,
LL @ Chromed Curses

Last but not least, I have the honor of announcing that my wife and I are expecting Dash-three to our family. We will be looking at Nov 10th as a due date which would be fitting for me…
Semper Fi,